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  1. Photo of Joel Coen

    Joel Coen Director, Producer, Screenplay, and Editing

  2. Photo of Frances McDormand

    Frances McDormand Cast

  3. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  4. Photo of Steve Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Stormare

    Peter Stormare Cast

  6. Photo of Kristen Rudrud

    Kristen Rudrud Cast

  7. Photo of Harve Presnell

    Harve Presnell Cast

  8. Photo of John Carroll Lynch

    John Carroll Lynch Cast

  9. Photo of Steve Park

    Steve Park Cast

  10. Photo of Larissa Kokernot

    Larissa Kokernot Cast

  11. Photo of Melissa Peterman

    Melissa Peterman Cast

  12. Photo of Steven Reevis

    Steven Reevis Cast

  13. Photo of Gary Houston

    Gary Houston Cast

  14. Photo of Antonella Giannini

    Antonella Giannini Voice (Dub)

  15. Photo of Mino Caprio

    Mino Caprio Voice (Dub)

  16. Photo of Luca Dal Fabbro

    Luca Dal Fabbro Voice (Dub)

  17. Photo of Luca Biagini

    Luca Biagini Voice (Dub)

  18. Photo of Dario De Grassi

    Dario De Grassi Voice (Dub)

  19. Photo of Carlo Cosolo

    Carlo Cosolo Voice (Dub)

  20. Photo of Roberto Del Giudice

    Roberto Del Giudice Voice (Dub)

  21. Photo of Cristina Giachero

    Cristina Giachero Voice (Dub)

  22. Photo of Paolo Lombardi

    Paolo Lombardi Voice (Dub)

  23. Photo of Massimo Rinaldi

    Massimo Rinaldi Voice (Dub)

  24. Photo of Carlo Valli

    Carlo Valli Voice (Dub)

  25. Photo of Silvio Anselmo

    Silvio Anselmo Voice (Dub)

  26. Photo of Roberto Draghetti

    Roberto Draghetti Voice (Dub)

  27. Photo of Renato Cecchetto

    Renato Cecchetto Voice (Dub)

  28. Photo of Cristina Noci

    Cristina Noci Voice (Dub)

  29. Photo of Luigi Ferraro

    Luigi Ferraro Voice (Dub)

  30. Photo of Oliviero Dinelli

    Oliviero Dinelli Voice (Dub)

  31. Photo of Roger Deakins

    Roger Deakins Cinematography

  32. Photo of Carter Burwell

    Carter Burwell Music

  33. Photo of Rick Heinrichs

    Rick Heinrichs Production Design

  34. Photo of Tim Bevan

    Tim Bevan Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Eric Fellner

    Eric Fellner Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Ethan Coen

    Ethan Coen Editing, Producer, Screenplay, and Director

  37. Photo of Roderick Jaynes

    Roderick Jaynes Editing

  38. Photo of Tricia Cooke

    Tricia Cooke Editing

  39. Photo of Mary Zophres

    Mary Zophres Costume Design