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  1. Photo of Stanley Kubrick

    Stanley Kubrick Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Frederic Raphael

    Frederic Raphael Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arthur Schnitzler

    Arthur Schnitzler Novel

  4. Photo of Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise Cast

  5. Photo of Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman Cast

  6. Photo of Madison Eginton

    Madison Eginton Cast

  7. Photo of Jackie Sawiris

    Jackie Sawiris Cast

  8. Photo of Sydney Pollack

    Sydney Pollack Cast

  9. Photo of Leslie Lowe

    Leslie Lowe Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Benson

    Peter Benson Cast

  11. Photo of Todd Field

    Todd Field Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Doven

    Michael Doven Cast

  13. Photo of Sky du Mont

    Sky du Mont Cast

  14. Photo of Louise J. Taylor

    Louise J. Taylor Cast

  15. Photo of M. Stewart Thorndike

    M. Stewart Thorndike Cast

  16. Photo of Randall Paul

    Randall Paul Cast

  17. Photo of Julienne Davis

    Julienne Davis Cast

  18. Photo of Lisa Leone

    Lisa Leone Cast

  19. Photo of Kevin Connealy

    Kevin Connealy Cast

  20. Photo of Marie Richardson

    Marie Richardson Cast

  21. Photo of Thomas Gibson

    Thomas Gibson Cast

  22. Photo of Mariana Hewett

    Mariana Hewett Cast

  23. Photo of Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman Cast

  24. Photo of Gavin Parry

    Gavin Parry Cast

  25. Photo of Chris Pare

    Chris Pare Cast

  26. Photo of Adam Lias

    Adam Lias Cast

  27. Photo of Christian Clarke

    Christian Clarke Cast

  28. Photo of Kyle Whitcombe

    Kyle Whitcombe Cast

  29. Photo of Gary Goba

    Gary Goba Cast

  30. Photo of Vinessa Shaw

    Vinessa Shaw Cast

  31. Photo of Florian Windorfer

    Florian Windorfer Cast

  32. Photo of Togo Igawa

    Togo Igawa Cast

  33. Photo of Eiji Kusuhara

    Eiji Kusuhara Cast

  34. Photo of Leelee Sobieski

    Leelee Sobieski Cast

  35. Photo of Sam Douglas

    Sam Douglas Cast

  36. Photo of Angus MacInnes

    Angus MacInnes Cast

  37. Photo of Abigail Good

    Abigail Good Cast

  38. Photo of Brian W. Cook

    Brian W. Cook Cast and Producer

  39. Photo of Leon Vitali

    Leon Vitali Cast

  40. Photo of Carmela Marner

    Carmela Marner Cast

  41. Photo of Alan Cumming

    Alan Cumming Cast

  42. Photo of Fay Masterson

    Fay Masterson Cast

  43. Photo of Phil Davies

    Phil Davies Cast

  44. Photo of Cindy Dolenc

    Cindy Dolenc Cast

  45. Photo of Clark Hayes

    Clark Hayes Cast

  46. Photo of Treva Etienne

    Treva Etienne Cast

  47. Photo of Massimo Popolizio

    Massimo Popolizio Voice (Dub)

  48. Photo of Gabriella Borri

    Gabriella Borri Voice (Dub)

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