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  1. woofwoofwoof's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Every second of this is perfect

  2. badafly's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Everything feels incredibly lonely in this movie. It feels like a psychosis, that naturally is developing in front of your eyes, where each actor is a mirror of a failure. It's like you end up in a family's house and everything is completely strange to you, awkward, odd and you are thankful that your parents are different people and life hopefully is somewhere else.

  3. Sin título.'s rating of the film Exit Elena

  4. Leena Narekangas's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Nicely told small-scale film, done in documentary style. Very likeable actors.

  5. Addy K.'s rating of the film Exit Elena

    Refreshingly poignant, EXIT ELENA conceals the underlying psychology of its heroine, played very effectively by co-writer Kia Davis. In a series of sharply observed episodes, director Nathan Silver takes on the horrifying trauma of everyday life experienced by his generation: loneliness, parents, making money. The raw camerawork and improvised acting is by design not default. A small gem. What every indie should be.

  6. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Quite impressive as for something created with no budget, but I suspect the same story told in the same way in standard movie would leave me completely indifferent. The question is whether the movie created with the help of more sophisticated resources would be still so sincere.

  7. nein's rating of the film Exit Elena

    It's not great or anything but kind of cute and pleasant to watch.

  8. m00untain's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Didn't manage to engage me, not through its characters neither through its story line that you are able to follow using only 5% of your attention. There's something definitely going on there but it just isn't going on for me.

  9. averpues's rating of the film Exit Elena

    3.7 the question remains: who is Elena? There are some beautiful frames. There could be a deeper treatment of the conflict

  10. Kornovska's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Film très étrange. On est de plus en plus malaisé. La famille dans laquelle Elena travaille en tant qu'infirmière, s'occupant de la grand-mère, est très dysfonctionnelle. Film intéressant, nous faisant réfléchir sur le sentiment d'emprisonnement qu'on peut tous ressentir à un moment dans notre vie et sur l'importance de le dépasser.

  11. JD Tastad's rating of the film Exit Elena

  12. Brendan Whelton's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Rough, but interesting. Some very striking images, but a bit aimless.

  13. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film Exit Elena

    What a funny little film with peculiar characters, but I liked it!

  14. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Sometimes digital cinema and simplicity (the blend we almost don't see too often today) makes gems like this. Fantastic cinema.

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  16. Ben Dooley's rating of the film Exit Elena

    A nice, slight film that gives a good sense of what it's like to be a live-in nurse, while at the same time having a universal appeal in its depiction of how difficult it is for young people to find a career that matters to them and also pays. Has its parallels with Man Push Cart and a few other good films depicting low-paid work in a manner that goes beyond class-bound ideas (as important as those are of course).

  17. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Exit Elena

    So glad I watched this on here before it expired. Mesmerizing, class-A cringe comedy. There's a definite Fassbinder influence, but Silver--who seems like a nicer guy than RWF, even if the "Nathan" he plays here would rank highly on a list of the most unflattering directorial self-portraits in cinema--has his own odd storytelling/editorial rhythms.

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Exit Elena

    If nothing else this film at the very least announces the arrival of a new talent writer/actress Kia Davis who as the title character here exhibits a performance well worth remembering. Plot is pretty bare and for some the reference to paint drying would be apt. For those patient enough rewards are there to be had. The family unit that Elena winds up working for is a thin line away from being a horror movie.

  19. Ascribes Madame Tiaras's rating of the film Exit Elena

    I wanted to post the discussion from mubi/cléo for easy access: Truly a beautiful film. It was easy to feel what the main character felt. If a film can do that I give it 5 stars. Some people commented that this is comparable to Lena Durham's work, and I would completely disagree. There is no air of generational entitlement here...

  20. Alessandra Piero's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Der Film zeigt wie aufwendig die Altenpflege ist und wie schwer der Umgang sein kann. Ich bewundere ihre Ausdauer.

  21. Noah Lethbridge's rating of the film Exit Elena

    I loved this. I don't think it's similar to Lena Dunham's stuff or Frances Ha. There's a lot of generational anxiety stuff going on all over the spectrum. It's not just a film about or for young people. I hated the family, and yet I understood why Elena might endure so much from them.

  22. raggiodisole's rating of the film Exit Elena

    a tiny little film, hardly anything to it, but a very clear look at the contrasting fortunes of women at different ages, and the lack of value that their men display

  23. Theosaurus Rex's rating of the film Exit Elena

    A ponderous film, with a unique tone. I like the kitty.

  24. Charlotte Tillieux's rating of the film Exit Elena

    Small film which reflects the struggles of twenty somethings facing today (susch as fitting in, quest of finding oneself etc) Quirky and funny portrait in same vain as the Lena Dunham/Frances Ha generation.

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