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  1. lesminho's rating of the film Exhibition

  2. Maya's rating of the film Exhibition

    A riveting study of the human psyche testing the waters of ownership, commitment and letting go.

  3. miles's rating of the film Exhibition

    Voyeruristic immersion into the lives of a couple whose identity is fixed to the space they inhabit, which in turn provides a comfortable stage for evolved ritual as artistic practise in one case, & a meditational sanctuary into which withdrawl and shielding from "outside" is possible. House as muse.. Light, reflection, interplay and protection thrown by the unease of knowing days in this space have become finite

  4. neuroza's rating of the film Exhibition

    Annoying people, cool house

  5. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Exhibition

    Savagely restrained exploration of entitlement and submission, made flesh by the commitment of its cast (Albertine in particular is superb) and an exquisitely judged use of space.

  6. Khares's rating of the film Exhibition

    This was the first film I watched in which the leading role dies afterwards, and someone learns about it in the news. It is a must-see for anyone into architecture but this film is as much about the body. A couple of a female artist working with her body while struggling with her engagements, and a male arstist who works using cad software almost omni-detached. Is an excellent house enough to make you inhabit?

  7. josé neves's rating of the film Exhibition

    PC. Finally it's perceived, in a non-imitative way, the Antonionian spatial (dys)functionality in contemporary cinema. More than his trade mark of incommunicability between people, what matters here are the surfaces of visibility/listening, with the presence of sound off gettin' in and the image on frontier' surfaces. Without a classic fiction, this film gives us to see/hear the natural metempsychosis of a house.

  8. Renton47's rating of the film Exhibition

    Exquisite. Thematically a precursor to The Souvenir but that film's aesthetic leap makes this feel of a part with her first two. The attention paid to interior/exterior space reflects the way the film straddles the interior life and the role of art in expressing that to the wider world. In a recent FC pod, Koresky and hubby talk about how Another Year shows the threat of the contained couple. Thought about that here

  9. Jason's rating of the film Exhibition

    EXHIBITION is in large part set-in-motion or "generated" by a single domestic space (to which it is not entirely confined). Physical spaces for "exhibition." We're gonna think of galleries, museums. Bien sûr. There is probably also a zoo-ological dimension. Joanna Hogg's command of her hermetic aesthetic is beyond exemplary. There is an irreal quality of enclosure, almost like Ozu + Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME.

  10. SPaid's rating of the film Exhibition

    Inhabited space (& the investigation thereof) reaches its apotheosis in Hogg's filmography with Exhibition. The homey pile of Archipelago is exchanged for a pomo aquarium, its many reflective surfaces forcing the signature long shots into abstract territory. But its not all Mekas-does-MTV-Cribs; the film does have something to say about aging, authenticity, and "making art".

  11. Daniel Thomas Freeman's rating of the film Exhibition

    Carries a lot of the same quality of The Souvenir and Archipelago. Not as good and very slow but Viv Albertine is a revelation.

  12. babycakesromero's rating of the film Exhibition

    there is real and there is weird and there is real weird and exhibition is the latter. hogg does what no-one else can do which is to mine a compelling narrative through the mundanity of existence. viv albertine is great as the frustrated wife and artist and liam gillick really gets under your skin, but i think that was the intention. where hogg goes i will travel

  13. Rubs troll's rating of the film Exhibition

    The cinematic version of the book "I can make you hate"...this one by the end had me hating the two main characters with a vengeance...what a pair of smug sons of bitches... how dare the motherfuckers not going out to do proper work? they have the kitchens, the spiral staircases, the clothes... I hate the rich...I HATE THE RICH! Conceptual art my stinking itch arse!

  14. I.Camera's rating of the film Exhibition

    A successful bourgeois couple, of the type that Haneke likes to murder, decide to depart from a hermetic house built for architectural awards and loveless sex rather than children or laughter (though the final shot suggests otherwise), prompting a slow marital disintegration. It's more of a behavioural experiment - the walls slowly closing in - than a character study, and less engaging than Hogg's previous films.

  15. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Exhibition

    A pair of unlikable artists have a relationship together, in which they alternate between being angry or stuck in a funk of ennui and being horny, in this lesser Joanna Hogg film. There are enough interesting little moments to make it worth watching, but not enough to make it a fully-formed movie experience.

  16. Ally's rating of the film Exhibition

    A film about an asset-rich couple whose income has no obvious source but which nonetheless supports a comfortable domesticity. Despite playing through the rich visual features of a unique house, the film has a flatpack feel: the events, the friends, all have a seen-before familiarity. There is something very patrician overall: their problems are simply not problematic, complacency provides no motivation.

  17. mirklete's rating of the film Exhibition

    Absolutely luscious film, it suddenly gripped me and I ended up poring over every scene. The leaves outside the window while they were making love on the couch were so utterly beautiful, the sort of beauty that makes you want to cry. Wonderful.

  18. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Exhibition

    Captures a relationship's rockiness and how it can grow cold. An interesting study on the mental affect of architecture. However, it has moments of great power and affect sprinkled in: moments of feeling used, and the horrors facing the disappearance of one you have become complacent about. There is even a dream-like section which elevates the piece well. But it is a little dry in places.

  19. Ariel Finch's rating of the film Exhibition

    kind of how i fear my life will translate into adult life but perhaps without the money which is the part that makes that life enjoyable

  20. Maribou's rating of the film Exhibition

    Exhibition is a film about screens & partitions, architectural & emotional, between people in relationships and between home & the outside world. It's about how we keep ourselves safe behind walls & blinds. But there are conduits too - glass windows, staircases, telephones - and Exhibition is a film about connecting & how much of ourselves we're prepared to show to those on the other side.

  21. Susie Hamilton's rating of the film Exhibition

    I love Joanna Hogg’s other films but can’t understand the inaction, the torpor, the focus on pointless, time-wasting incidents in this film, I have to admit I switched off after hoping for Hogg magic that didn’t arrive.

  22. 4dvideo's rating of the film Exhibition

    Deeply uncomfortable and endlessly fascinating.

  23. smndvdcl's rating of the film Exhibition

  24. SalmaanRafique's rating of the film Exhibition

    A well-made realist drama, and thats about it. It is neat, with sharp editing and some cliched imagery. In a world where the number of homeless and the displaced was never greater, the loss of a home is somewhat underwhelming. The struggle of two artists to hold together a life that is falling apart would have been great but this 'house' gave the whole film a particularly snobbish feel. Loved the film though!!!!!

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