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  1. Photo of Lav Diaz

    Lav Diaz Director, Screenplay, Editing, and Producer

  2. Photo of Dido De La Paz

    Dido De La Paz Cast

  3. Photo of Elryan de Vera

    Elryan de Vera Cast

  4. Photo of Angie Ferro

    Angie Ferro Cast

  5. Photo of Ronnie Lazaro

    Ronnie Lazaro Cast

  6. Photo of Lui Manansala

    Lui Manansala Cast

  7. Photo of Richard C. De Guzman

    Richard C. De Guzman Cinematography

  8. Photo of Larry Manda

    Larry Manda Cinematography

  9. Photo of Patty Eustaquio

    Patty Eustaquio Production Design

  10. Photo of Jun Sabayton

    Jun Sabayton Production Design

  11. Photo of Rishab Tibon

    Rishab Tibon Production Design

  12. Photo of Paul Tañedo

    Paul Tañedo Producer and Cinematography

  13. Photo of Rafael 'Bulan' Luna

    Rafael 'Bulan' Luna Sound

  14. Photo of Bob Macabenta

    Bob Macabenta Sound