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  1. Movunc's rating of the film Ema

    Passionate character Ema ... A fascinating character who managed to open herself by instilling her own fire in the characters she touches and also the atmosphere of architecture and music of the venues were also mesmerising.

  2. counsel.anurag.sharma's rating of the film Ema

    Libertines bartering their interpersonal agony as a life-theme. Subversive, manipulative, Ema can be perceived as kind by the "crazy, conservative mother" or those like her-to diffuse the borders that give life bare definition can either be compulsion or a deliberate gift to others who do not live that way. Hypnotic music, aesthetic dancing. Absolute lowering of the ethical denominator-all for deep correction, love

  3. Nicolò Musiani's rating of the film Ema

    Pretty impressive. Something to object on the female character he built, but surely there's some good in it too. Also, a bit too indie yet beautiful mise-en-scene

  4. Camilo Alberto Cárdenas Poveda's rating of the film Ema

    EMA es poética en todos los sentidos! Contestataria en su contenido y en su desenlace. Un fotografía impecable, un diseño sonoro y una música que imitan a la fotografía. Se rompen y se queman en las llamas paradigmas, familias y corazones. Como un ave fénix y así como en Mother: de las cenizas de un fuego desolador renace el mundo entero en un poliamor envuelto en un plumaje multicolor!!!

  5. Andrea Greco's rating of the film Ema

    ★ You can see it, but you risk wasting time

  6. Casian's rating of the film Ema

    This one should be named ,,Everybody fucks Ema but in fact Ema fucks with everybody”. Huge pretentious useless crap. Too bad Bernal got mixed in this, but he already was part of La mala educacion, which was even worse.

  7. Thomas K.'s rating of the film Ema

    2.5* Long perfume commercial or musical clip; a few nice dance sequences, pretty colours, attractive people, and one semi-interesting conversation on what reggaeton means to the women dancers. Unfortunately, though I am completely in favour of (one of) the underlying message(s) of female sexual exploration, agency and instrumentalisation, I found this all a bit too shallow and blunt to make any meaningful impact.

  8. alexp's rating of the film Ema

  9. Hyperion_333's rating of the film Ema

    Truly abominable. If the director wanted to make a film about non-traditional family structures then that would've been interesting. This is not that film.

  10. valerio's rating of the film Ema

    Plot almost non-sense comes with the usual "wannabe artistic and avant-guarde" combination of sex, cryptic dialogues and intense looks at the camera. Felt like a waste of time to me, and it's not even enjoyable.

  11. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Ema

    Unsure how I feel about Ema. I enjoyed the filmmaking, the montages, the colours, the feeling of being lost in time and especially di Girolamo's fearless performance. But I found the arguments repetitive, tedious and the ending frustrating, dealing with queerness and polyamory in a way that felt reductive. The film's ambiguity is intriguing but empty when something more concrete could've been revolutionary.

  12. berk.keloglu's rating of the film Ema

  13. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Ema

    Après Jackie, Pablo Larraín signe un nouveau portrait de femme, sensuel et troublant. Périple intime envoûtant et incandescent, Ema met scène l'impérieux désir de maternité de sa jeune héroïne prête à tout brûler sur son passage pour conquérir une liberté non négociable. Chronique complète à lire sur Citazine : https://www.citazine.fr/article/ema-ardente-liberte-a-adopter/

  14. Lucio Cassin's rating of the film Ema

  15. Angie's rating of the film Ema

    The manic habit of creating an exquisite and sidereal plot is Larraín's passion, always leaving you with a successive expectation of the story, and at the end, slack-jawed.

  16. michalk's rating of the film Ema

    The main character’s lack of magnetism and that art house touch that is missing here overall stop the movie from elevating above average

  17. Sofía Ayala's rating of the film Ema

  18. yeldayigit's rating of the film Ema

    Her karesinde ayrı şaşkınlık, apayrı bir hüzün. Bu kadar güzel meç edilebilirdi ve bu kadar dağınık alandan ancak bu kadar güzel toplanabilirdi konu. Tebrik ediyorum. Hiç unutmayacağım.

  19. misu's rating of the film Ema

  20. Miguel's rating of the film Ema

    If everything is political, where is the statement?

  21. erica.martinez's rating of the film Ema

  22. Lucian's rating of the film Ema

    A drama which will make you look inside in-depth: your charisma, your dance energy, your wishes, your friends, people surrounding you. How far will you go to get what you want? What's your human legacy?

  23. Miguel Angel Morales's rating of the film Ema

  24. zeynep baser's rating of the film Ema

    I have no idea how this film got such high ratings. it's excellent if it were a music video. not as a movie...

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