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  1. Anthimos Kalosidis's rating of the film Elite

    It definitely had its high points here and there, but the producers seemed to not give a crap about character development, focusing completely on how to prolong this endless streak of sex, drugs and cheap thrills in an attempt to keep teenage interest sky-high. Well I can't say that it didn't work, but why the hell do I bother watching that?

  2. chanandre's rating of the film Elite

    [Netflix] #Quarantine6# [Vetusta Morla - Los Días Raros {Como un lazo en un ventilador}] La Casa de Papel, Vis a Vis, Toy Boy y Élite ? Top 10 Netflix Portugal-rest my case. mi marina (su sangre de cristal), mi chris (acidente tão Sopranos), mi nano (golpes!) mi samu, mi gúzman, mi lu, mi carla, mi nadia, mi polo, mi cayetana, mi rebeca, mi ander > dulces hijos puta. (Euphoria para Skins vistos por Freaks and Geeks.)

  3. Justin's rating of the film Elite

  4. Carolina Pereira's rating of the film Elite

    Never thought I'd like this one. Somehow, this turned out to be that warm coming of age series I was just needing. extra points for Aron Piper 'cause damn

  5. bouvardila's rating of the film Elite

  6. lou.'s rating of the film Elite

    [pilot episode] I.. I... I just can't. RONF.

  7. Gabrielė Norkūnaitė's rating of the film Elite

    Whodunnit films are my guilty pleasure, but this one is for desperate times.

  8. mpiaalva's rating of the film Elite