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  1. Photo of Adam Woodyatt

    Adam Woodyatt Cast

  2. Photo of Letitia Dean

    Letitia Dean Cast

  3. Photo of Gillian Taylforth

    Gillian Taylforth Cast

  4. Photo of Steve McFadden

    Steve McFadden Cast

  5. Photo of Wendy Richard

    Wendy Richard Cast

  6. Photo of Barbara Windsor

    Barbara Windsor Cast

  7. Photo of June Brown

    June Brown Cast

  8. Photo of Pam St. Clement

    Pam St. Clement Cast

  9. Photo of Ross Kemp

    Ross Kemp Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Treacher

    Bill Treacher Cast

  11. Photo of Susan Tully

    Susan Tully Cast and Director

  12. Photo of Todd Carty

    Todd Carty Cast

  13. Photo of Sid Owen

    Sid Owen Cast

  14. Photo of Patsy Palmer

    Patsy Palmer Cast

  15. Photo of Michelle Collins

    Michelle Collins Cast

  16. Photo of Michael French

    Michael French Cast

  17. Photo of Lindsey Coulson

    Lindsey Coulson Cast

  18. Photo of Natalie Cassidy

    Natalie Cassidy Cast

  19. Photo of Linda Henry

    Linda Henry Cast

  20. Photo of Diane Parish

    Diane Parish Cast

  21. Photo of Anna Wing

    Anna Wing Cast

  22. Photo of Gretchen Franklin

    Gretchen Franklin Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Dean

    Peter Dean Cast

  24. Photo of Leslie Grantham

    Leslie Grantham Cast

  25. Photo of Anita Dobson

    Anita Dobson Cast

  26. Photo of Michael Cashman

    Michael Cashman Cast

  27. Photo of Jake Wood

    Jake Wood Cast

  28. Photo of Scott Maslen

    Scott Maslen Cast

  29. Photo of Martine McCutcheon

    Martine McCutcheon Cast

  30. Photo of Lisa Faulkner

    Lisa Faulkner Cast

  31. Photo of Danny Dyer

    Danny Dyer Cast

  32. Photo of Kellie Bright

    Kellie Bright Cast

  33. Photo of Ann Mitchell

    Ann Mitchell Cast

  34. Photo of Bonnie Langford

    Bonnie Langford Cast

  35. Photo of Shane Richie

    Shane Richie Cast

  36. Photo of Jessie Wallace

    Jessie Wallace Cast

  37. Photo of Derek Martin

    Derek Martin Cast

  38. Photo of Elaine Lordan

    Elaine Lordan Cast

  39. Photo of Laila Morse

    Laila Morse Cast

  40. Photo of Michelle Ryan

    Michelle Ryan Cast

  41. Photo of Kacey Ainsworth

    Kacey Ainsworth Cast

  42. Photo of Alex Ferns

    Alex Ferns Cast

  43. Photo of Samantha Womack

    Samantha Womack Cast

  44. Photo of Danniella Westbrook

    Danniella Westbrook Cast

  45. Photo of Nadia Sawalha

    Nadia Sawalha Cast

  46. Photo of John Altman

    John Altman Cast

  47. Photo of Ross Davidson

    Ross Davidson Cast

  48. Photo of Linda Davidson

    Linda Davidson Cast