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  1. Andreas Holz's rating of the film Drift

    I think I could watch the sea all day. So soothing. A wonderful movie!

  2. mariealexakay's rating of the film Drift

    An extremely beautiful and meditative, with very few dialogues and a lot of long shots depicting the ocean. It spite of the absence of a complicated plot, it plunges you into a long, continuous journey across the ocean, and makes it feel very realistic. I think, this film is a complete opposite of our hyperactive, always-on-a-hurry urban life, and that's what makes it especially beautiful and worth experiencing.

  3. Jerrell Hobor's rating of the film Drift

    Drift is a decent movie showing a film that unmasks a mystery of a young girl that finds here self on a journey across the Atlantic. The movie is a slow build up which actually makes the movie good because you get a good idea of all the characters in the film before the story takes place. now this movie could've been articulated a little better but for the most part the movie was well done i would recommend it.

  4. Ignatz's rating of the film Drift

    A vapid exercise in form without substance. Not all student films need to be distributed.

  5. Meirijane's rating of the film Drift

    Una inmensa tomadura de pelo. Esto no es cine, sino una impostura. No sé qué intenta contar la directora. Dejé de ver la película a los 25 minutos.

  6. pfrolph's rating of the film Drift

    Fine piece of visual poetry. Sensual soundscape and images rigorously managed.

  7. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Drift

  8. LJRay's rating of the film Drift

    Mesmeric and extremely relaxing if in an appropriate frame of mind. A good one to watch a little bit stoned, to sit back and sink into.

  9. gioele's rating of the film Drift

    "Il mare è un nastro viola che si arrotola e si srotola senza fine. È alternanza di lame di luce e non meditazione né raccoglimento ma accoglimento. Si può variare questo sguardo, che oltrepassa la visione distinta. Prima mare, strisce viola; poi lame, poi righe di luce. A occhi chiusi, fuochi fatui. Riconoscere la necessità, non soltanto l'esistenza, di queste diverse visioni."

  10. Sara's rating of the film Drift

    Photography is the good and interesting side of this movie.

  11. Erlösung's rating of the film Drift

    A whispered thesis about the aesthetics of Man's relation to Nature. A bit naive in its reducing the third term - Society - to a dyad and in its suspending any Man-Nature dialectic (which, say, Piavoli's The Blue Planet does not). Extra-mondane contemplation is sure evocative but calls for something more than the solution of mankind in the (concept of) blue vastness. Or the Sea is just a symbol of distance/longing?

  12. Quattro's rating of the film Drift

    What I call ambient cinema. Mesmerizing editing and sound design–I wouldn't have used any other soundtrack than the ocean itself. Beautiful credits. The urban shots were less inspired and dragged on a bit too much. Maybe a less hermetic plot and characters would've been better, because trying to figure out what was going on was quite distracting. Worth a watch if you're in the mood. I can still feel the boat rolling.

  13. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Drift

    This was truly the year of female filmmakers

  14. josé neves's rating of the film Drift

    Kino # 6. Will an experience of film visions necessarily have repercussions on how they are made? And, obviously, seen? As for this Wittmann film, the answer can only be positive, from my point of view as a spectator, otherwise i would not be so close to Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster's "Plages" in the immersive/immense hypnosis in/at the sea and Snow's "Wavelength "at the beautiful end. An unexpected essay.

  15. Juan Soto's rating of the film Drift

    A beautiful meditation on time passing, undefined borders and friendship. And yet, a precious time for yourself.

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