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  1. DebraM's rating of the film Drift

    This gentle film caught me unawares. I came to it with no prior knowledge and despite initial doubts, found myself swept up in its quiet, contemplative depths. Certainly not for everyone - but beautiful sound design and brilliant cinematography.

  2. jsbrocka's rating of the film Drift

    Watching this debut film is akin to going on a mind-numbing trance induced by ephemeral visions of the ocean's hypnotic mystery. Fused by a structural narrative reduced to the barest minimum, this audio-visual exploration feels more apt as an installation in a gallery of postmodern art than in the confines of the cinema.

  3. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Drift

    Retadora: esa el adjetivo que me surge al pensar qué decir de un largometraje de esta índole. No es fácil alejarse de esa línea básica que el relato clásico nos puso: principio, nudo (clímax), desenlace; puntos de giro, personajes definidos, etc. Aquí aparecen atmósferas de diversa índole y la que más me cautivó está asociada a la mirada al mar: calmado, fuerte, diurno, nocturno, sin o con música...un ensayo visual

  4. Knights of Odessa's rating of the film Drift

    Maybe, Schanelec made better films than this one. PASSING SUMMER is her best, by the way.

  5. carmenburguess's rating of the film Drift

    Espectacular el plano audiovisual del mar

  6. Spezialle_K's rating of the film Drift

    Surreal and wonderful. The last shot and tune will stay with me.

  7. Juan's rating of the film Drift

  8. tinderness's rating of the film Drift

    Ein sehr langsamer Film über die Reise einer Frau ins Herz des Mythos von der Erschaffung der Welt. Es kann auch unsere Reise werden, wenn wir bereit sind, auf Handlung im ursprünglichen Sinn zu verzichten: dann ist alles an seinem Platz!

  9. Abel Amador Alcalá's rating of the film Drift

    Meditativa, sensorial, con ritmo pausado, sin llegar a ser soporífero. Permite acceder al estado del personaje, retratando lo que ve a su paso. Nos permite sumergirnos en su viaje, una road movie sui generis.

  10. Jak Tomas's rating of the film Drift

  11. Láďa Tvarůžek's rating of the film Drift

    Some impressive cinematography I haven't seen before. It could have been been less fragmented and more story driven.

  12. Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film Drift

    a film for philosophers (not the warm kind)

  13. Claude Lepage's rating of the film Drift

  14. Savannah Shoff's rating of the film Drift

    Well having the ideas of a decent film, this film was unfortunately boring to watch. The film seemed to drag on and scenes tended to be too long. The soundtrack to the movie could have had more to it the ambient sounds in the background were nice but if the film would have had an added dynamic to it, it would have been a lot better. This film was focused more on the beauty of nature rather than the characters played.

  15. Melissa Lynch's rating of the film Drift

    This film was not one of my favorites and I felt bored throughout the duration of the movie. It told the story of two women that spent the weekend on the ocean. One of them went back home to Argentina and the other one continued the journey on the sea. The movie dragged on and I felt uninterested. The majority of the film was a big monologue with the women on the water. Overall, I would not recommend this movie.

  16. D's rating of the film Drift

    An ambient sounds for sleep mixtape that has a lady in it once in a while.

  17. Volter's rating of the film Drift

    Hermosa reflexión sobre el amor / amistad. Muy bella desde lo visual y sonoro.

  18. Ted Eames's rating of the film Drift

    As a fan of 'slow cinema' I enjoyed this meditative film very much. It's seascapes are very like the still photography of Beka Globe. I did wonder if some of the early lingering sequences were too long and too mundane, but this is a film that grows and blossoms bit by bit. It will be interesting to see what Helena Wittman does next.

  19. Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film Drift

    Em dado momento, cri que cochilei... Precisava restaurar a impressão de sonho para mergulhar naquilo que o filme ofertava. Mas era uma reação enganosa: o brilhantismo do filme está em seu extremo realismo aquoso, em sua liqüidificação relacional, que hipertrofia o amor fátuo e duradouro sentido por aquelas mulheres, e transmitido intensamente para nós: o plano final é de uma sublimidade incrível. Genial! <3 (WPC>)

  20. Tomáš's rating of the film Drift

    As much as this is visually and aesthetically pleasing to watch, this movie had me fighting for concentration and I have to admit - I lost the fight very shortly before the return to the shore. Knowing beforehand what kind of experience DRIFT would be, my approach to it would be different. I can recommend this for beautiful pictured ocean sceneries - some sort of the deeper meaning, however, just flew by.

  21. dionysus67's rating of the film Drift

    Mistaking a mesmerizing style for an aesthetic 'decision', this film uses the ocean as an 'occasion' to escape from the world and whatever problems afflict it. This abstraction though settles for shots devoid of semantic density, either in themsleves or via editing. The result is a film that is not only formally adrift but, rather, proves formulaic, which, one suspects, is precisely what its creator wished to avoid.

  22. timjimmyslim's rating of the film Drift

    I love the rocking horizon and the ocean of course. I like the proportion of production value and richness of first world void/melancholy. I don't know if Helena was aware that this movie could be about nothing. If so, it's great.

  23. Silke Neryn's rating of the film Drift

    The Sea will claim everything.

  24. elba_irish's rating of the film Drift