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  1. Miguel A. Reina's rating of the film Drift

    [Filmin] It is tempting to use the title of this movie to define it. The proposal is risky and, as every time the risk is faced, it can be successful or failed. The hypnotic images of the sea, blue sea in the day, black sea in the night, are a visual proposal that can be fascinating, but it doesn't need the dual prologue and the solitary epilogue.

  2. Rilakkuma's rating of the film Drift

    Amazing atmospheric work attuned to the sea and its many feelings.

  3. internisus's rating of the film Drift

    4 1/2 stars. The camera's formal continuity communicates Theresa's purpose: Living on the ocean means experiencing it with one's entire body. Finally, the waves fade in a fog until the faint bands of color look like the hills of land. And then they are. It's all the same stuff, the great crocodile sculling and churning the world. But, when Theresa talks to Josefina again, you have to wonder if she isn't changed.

  4. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Drift

  5. Thomas's rating of the film Drift

    A slow, languid journey across land with particular emphasis the sea/ocean and other bodies of water. Serving more interestingly as an ambient meditation, it could have also stood as an art installation. Drags in some sections but the choice of using natural sound sources (wind/water) keeps it grounded.

  6. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Drift

    It definitely feels like the thesis film of a university student, in that it struggles to escape the shadow of its teachers; Angela Schanelec, of course, but especially Chantal Akerman and her documentary work. There's a neat little experimental film in here, where the constant waves of the ocean reflect sunlight in a soothing and fascinating way, but then why pretend to have characters and story built around it?

  7. Juan Pablo Dircio's rating of the film Drift

    Despite the fact that it results rather absorbing at certain moments, the truth is that the film looses itself in several occasions, leaving a taste of artifice and deception. Although some of its long shots are absolutely beautiful and necessary, other feel just as affectation. However, it is definitely worth watching it.

  8. Sean P's rating of the film Drift

    What an enthralling, hypnotic experience. Brought 'Gerry' to mind which is a great compliment. One of the best contemplative and experimental films I've seen in a long while.

  9. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Drift

    Please accept my deep gratitude, MUBI! That is the level of filmmaking I think most of the films here should be. It is a high threshold but very doable because there are so many films of this level, a vanishingly small percentage of films but in absolute numbers there are thousands upon thousands of treasures like this. This could be an astonishing place of transformation!

  10. Guilherme Tristão Martins da Rocha's rating of the film Drift

    Filme-falcatrua!!! É exatamente NADA!!! Uma vergonha estar aqui no MUBI. / Movie-fake !!! It's exactly NOTHING !!! Shame to be here at MUBI.

  11. crypts's rating of the film Drift

    a heightened piece of expression. avant garde at its absolute best.

  12. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Drift

    I'm not saying that Helena Wittman, who directed and co-created this with actress Theresa George, should not have wasted tie making this. I'm just saying that you could recreate the whole experience, and make it better for yourself, by walking through the countryside on pleasant days and having a day at the beach with a lilo. Then we could have been saved from this endurance test.

  13. I.Camera's rating of the film Drift

    Wittman is the cinematographer, director, editor and writer of Drift, and seems to operate in that order of preference. With a narrative formed largely through visual implication, Drift sometimes feels like an art installation trying to be a film. But the impressive and beautiful imagery and ambient sound design is undeniably hypnotic, and slowly forms connections between the waves, beaches and lonely hotel rooms.

  14. Davi Giordano's rating of the film Drift

    Fiquei encantado pela beleza e sensibilidade das cenas! Filme de paisagens sonoras e naturais! Dá a sensação de que você está meditando em uma experiência cinematográfica única. Tudo no filme é essencial, no tom perfeito, que nos coloca a vivenciar uma zona entre o vazio e o preenchimento mínimo! Adorei tudo.

  15. joaquinugarte's rating of the film Drift

    Entrevista a Helena, en castellano. El cinematógrafo - 2017, Filmfest Hamburg

  16. Seesaw's rating of the film Drift

    Camera carried by the sea slowly asks the fundamental question, what it is to live on Earth? Everything is constantly moving and processing. Nothing is halt. If the camera was to set up on a firm tripod and trying to capture a certain face of the sea, it would not be as powerful as this. The great thing about this is that you literally become a camera and beyond that, the grand, infinite sea.

  17. Georges.precil's rating of the film Drift

    Second attempt... bored to death. I really gave it a chance, a second chance. It’s just not doing it for me.

  18. Alex Meire's rating of the film Drift

    No. Letting a camera get its easy hackneyed shots and travellings (beach, water, driving, biking, boating, train window, people in bed, typing, etc.) for minutes over and over doesn't grant a relevant cinematic gaze, even if it feels "nice": is empty. A gimmick for convincing dull juries. Cf. Benning for some substance behind appearances, real image inquiry, even humor. Posed melancholic seriousness is to be fought.

  19. André's rating of the film Drift

    I don’t think it’s a great movie to be on MUBI, but worth watching if you’re in the mood for something smooth and quiet to help you chill out

  20. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Drift

    Ah, the chaotic beauty of it all. A journey of the soul, but decentralised, or rather willingly freed from constraints of subject and object, which ruminates on how our seemingly confined moments echo out and reflect in innumerable things. Absolutely stunning sequences that send chills and provoke tears - an amazing eye for cinematic images. Not to mention a sly, tasteful homage to a clear inspiration at the end.

  21. charles.jacquard's rating of the film Drift

    Um ruminar belo sobre o tempo espraiado e o pensamento que se torna emoção fluida. Memórias e desejos tomam forma de água e inundam o vazio dos dias nesse lindo ensaio sobre uma vida entrecortadas por momentos à deriva.

  22. NiMe's rating of the film Drift

    Mesmerising video-clip, 40' too long though, mainly because of the presence of unnecessary humans.

  23. tubbssw's rating of the film Drift

    Poetic. A cast of two and Mother Nature. The highlight of many was the rolling moonlit sea.

  24. Rado's rating of the film Drift

    Beautiful study of loneliness, full of melancholy, made of stunning poetic shots. But even for someone who loves “slow cinema” this movie is a stretch.

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