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  1. Photo of Jacques Rivette

    Jacques Rivette Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christine Laurent

    Christine Laurent Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pascal Bonitzer

    Pascal Bonitzer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Honoré de Balzac

    Honoré de Balzac Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jeanne Balibar

    Jeanne Balibar Cast

  6. Photo of Guillaume Depardieu

    Guillaume Depardieu Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Piccoli

    Michel Piccoli Cast

  8. Photo of Bulle Ogier

    Bulle Ogier Cast

  9. Photo of Anne Cantineau

    Anne Cantineau Cast

  10. Photo of Marc Barbé

    Marc Barbé Cast

  11. Photo of Barbet Schroeder

    Barbet Schroeder Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas Durand

    Thomas Durand Cast

  13. Photo of Nicolas Bouchaud

    Nicolas Bouchaud Cast

  14. Photo of Mathias Jung

    Mathias Jung Cast

  15. Photo of Julie Judd

    Julie Judd Cast

  16. Photo of William Lubtchansky

    William Lubtchansky Cinematography

  17. Photo of Pierre Allio

    Pierre Allio Music

  18. Photo of Emmanuel de Chauvigny

    Emmanuel de Chauvigny Production Design

  19. Photo of Roberto Cicutto

    Roberto Cicutto Producer

  20. Photo of Martine Marignac

    Martine Marignac Producer

  21. Photo of Luigi Musini

    Luigi Musini Producer

  22. Photo of Ermanno Olmi

    Ermanno Olmi Producer

  23. Photo of Maurice Tinchant

    Maurice Tinchant Producer

  24. Photo of Nicole Lubtchansky

    Nicole Lubtchansky Editing

  25. Photo of Dominique Vieillard

    Dominique Vieillard Sound