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Ratings & Reviews

  1. saitosouta's rating of the film Digger

    Sarajevo 2020: Cinematography is solid, editing is solid, music is solid, acting is solid, screenplay is solid, direction is solid, these repetitively prosaic solidness is "Digger" itself, solidly constructed, solidly narrated Greek film about relationship between a hermit and his estranged son around enviromental devastation, because of which can't subvert its internalized banality completely. Not bad, not good. 2.5

  2. MaluK's rating of the film Digger

    There is a moment that the estranged father asks his son "Did your mother had another man?"."Me" comes the reply. Exceptional movie.Captures so many deep complexities in the father-son relationship in the Greek society in a truly genuine and unpretentious way. About the beast in us; to each other and to the nature.When we love and when we abandon.Brilliant script and cast; cinematography to shiver;music to remember.