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  1. Photo of Fatih Akin

    Fatih Akin Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Baba Zula

    Baba Zula Self

  3. Photo of Orient Expressions

    Orient Expressions Self

  4. Photo of Duman

    Duman Self

  5. Photo of Replikas

    Replikas Self

  6. Photo of Erkin Koray

    Erkin Koray Self

  7. Photo of Istanbul Style Breakers

    Istanbul Style Breakers Self

  8. Photo of Mercan Dede

    Mercan Dede Self

  9. Photo of Selim Sesler

    Selim Sesler Self

  10. Photo of Siyasiyabend

    Siyasiyabend Self

  11. Photo of Sezen Aksu

    Sezen Aksu Self

  12. Photo of Orhan Gencebay

    Orhan Gencebay Self

  13. Photo of Müzeyyen Senar

    Müzeyyen Senar Self

  14. Photo of Hervé Dieu

    Hervé Dieu Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sandra Harzer

    Sandra Harzer Producer

  16. Photo of Christian Kux

    Christian Kux Producer

  17. Photo of Klaus Maeck

    Klaus Maeck Producer

  18. Photo of Andreas Thiel

    Andreas Thiel Producer

  19. Photo of Nurhan Sekerci

    Nurhan Sekerci Producer

  20. Photo of Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird Editing

  21. Photo of Johannes Grehl

    Johannes Grehl Sound

  22. Photo of Andreas Hildebrandt

    Andreas Hildebrandt Sound