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  1. Photo of Lukas Moodysson

    Lukas Moodysson Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, and Editing

  2. Photo of Jena Malone

    Jena Malone Cast

  3. Photo of Peter Lorentzon

    Peter Lorentzon Cast

  4. Photo of Mariha Åberg

    Mariha Åberg Cast

  5. Photo of Åsa Staffansson

    Åsa Staffansson Cinematography

  6. Photo of Erik Holmquist

    Erik Holmquist Music

  7. Photo of Jesper Kurlandsky

    Jesper Kurlandsky Music, Editing, Sound, and Cinematography

  8. Photo of Lars Jönsson

    Lars Jönsson Producer

  9. Photo of Andreas Nilsson

    Andreas Nilsson Editing