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  1. Photo of Uğur Yücel

    Uğur Yücel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cenk Medet Alibeyoglu

    Cenk Medet Alibeyoglu Cast

  3. Photo of Ahmet Rıfat Şungar

    Ahmet Rıfat Şungar Cast

  4. Photo of Valeria Skorokhodova

    Valeria Skorokhodova Cast

  5. Photo of Yulia Vanyukova

    Yulia Vanyukova Cast

  6. Photo of Yulia Erenler

    Yulia Erenler Cast

  7. Photo of Şebnem Bozoklu

    Şebnem Bozoklu Cast

  8. Photo of Ezgi Mola

    Ezgi Mola Cast

  9. Photo of A. Emre Tanyıldız

    A. Emre Tanyıldız Cinematography

  10. Photo of Gülay Doğan

    Gülay Doğan Production Design

  11. Photo of Erol Avcı

    Erol Avcı Producer

  12. Photo of Ulaş Cihan Şimşek

    Ulaş Cihan Şimşek Editing

  13. Photo of Mark Marnikovic

    Mark Marnikovic Editing

  14. Photo of Burak Topalakci

    Burak Topalakci Sound