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  1. Ghostman's rating of the film Che

    I think of both films as one, each a half of a whole. It's a truly Marxist film, both halves exist together as a dialectical contradiction in dialog with the other. One depicts a successful revolution, the other a failure. They are both meant to be analyzed & compared against each other in what they represent. While one can find different meanings in what each half represents, the humanity of Che is the same in both.

  2. Aardsy's rating of the film Che

    More a film making achievement than a great movie.

  3. bryanvmh's rating of the film Che

  4. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film Che

    When you get a film of this length, (especially about Che Guevara) it's sometimes better to make it into a tv series. While it does focus on the two major events I'm still missing out on the inner political matters and how oppressed the people were under a dictatorship regime that Che was fighting against. The landscape and fire fights are beautifully shot but some dialogue now and again wouldn't have hurt things.

  5. James Mackin's rating of the film Che

    I like it more as two separate films, but yeah, it's all good.

  6. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Che

    Ehhh.....first part was very good. Second part was poor and I felt suffered from Soderbergh's lack of real understanding of revolution and latin american leftist perspective.

  7. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Che

  8. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Che

    Long, complex and works as whole to tell this story.

  9. JK's rating of the film Che

    3* for the more enjoyable first part, 2nd part is hard to follow and remains all in all pretty 1-dimensional

  10. smndvdcl's rating of the film Che

    Possibly Soderbergh's most ambitious project that is fairly difficult to approach as a spectator. Both an expansive historical account, and an attempt to remain objective in the politicised characterisation of Che. For versatile audacity alone it deserves credit, but sit through this epic for study rather than entertainment. Del Toro is resplendent, and probably more familiar as Che than Bernal.

  11. Chumlum's rating of the film Che

    Hardest thing i ever sat through

  12. Jorge's rating of the film Che

    Politics aside...fantastic movie. Del Toro's stare has a way of conveying more emotion and information than most can achieve with lengthy monologues or bombastic theatricality.

  13. CJ5000's rating of the film Che

    On Blu Ray, apart from being an awesome film looked stunning. Blu Ray sceptics check it out. All films should look this good

  14. Seth Farmer's rating of the film Che

    I like how it opens with a map of Cuba.

  15. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Che

    I love how realistic weapons and explosions are in films these days. I would like to see this sometime.

  16. Sudarshan R.'s rating of the film Che

  17. revok's rating of the film Che

    !hasta la victoria siempre! overall good portrait of el che and good movie! in my opinion soderbergh's best of his last movies.

  18. Kid Sisyphus's rating of the film Che

    The most depressing episode of M*A*S*H ever.

  19. HobartLazaro's rating of the film Che

  20. theladyassassin's rating of the film Che

    Good film but it does not portray Che in the best light. He seemed to have a romantic view of Guerilla warfare. He was a doctor but, in the film at least, he immediately demands to be a Guerilla once another doctor came along. I feel that he could have contributed a lot more acting as a doctor as Fidel and Che didn't seem to have a clear idea of how the government would be won after Batista was ousted.

  21. William Low's rating of the film Che

    A nice story of Che and his revolution. Del Toro is borned for this character.

  22. Xurxo G Penalta's rating of the film Che

    documentary and fiction filmmaking closer than ever! worth watching if you can commit to its running time... great blue ray set i still wonder what terence malick's version would have looked like...

  23. Cromm Crúaich's rating of the film Che

  24. comeandsee's rating of the film Che

    breaks away from the generic spectre of the biopic to present a fascinating life of one of the worlds great revolutionaries.

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