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  1. Becs's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Although I didn't find the acting particularly good and some of the scenes were slightly bizarre, the allegory behind the film made it a watch that I ended up enjoying.

  2. ayyy_lidh's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    It almost had me at points, it really did. There were moments where I could feel for the protagonist (or protagonists I should say) and start to get a sense of the 'message' behind it all. But even if you try to ignore all its flaws and embrace the pretentiousness, ultimately Chaotic Ana disappoints. Brownie points for originality.

  3. anna conneally's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Wow, I hated this film so much.

  4. Archie Arthur's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    One of the worst films I’ve ever seen in my life. Messy, all the over place, poorly written, poorly acted, combined with some of the most vapid, boring and unmotivated characters I’ve ever seen in a film. The film just felt like an excuse for the director to force characters to talk about his pseudo philosophical viewpoints. So in Layman’s Terms: This film is fucking bullshit 0.5/10

  5. Aaron's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Chaotic - as the name implies.

  6. Cichlisuite's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Weighed down with pretentious metaphor, a terrible script and more cringeworthy moments than I could count it never managed to get off the ground for me. I was unaware until the end of the personal story behind it or Medem's suggestion that you switch off your mind while watching. I habitually think about what I'm watching so I guess this one wasn't for me?

  7. mis marg's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    I so needed a feel good story here, in self isolation times, but all fell apart despite wonderful cinematography & depiction of the emerging Ibizan artist. Sad that Said disappeared too soon, and the horrors of past lives ate the ongoing experience of this fragile young woman. All the perils of adulthood seemed to come at once, loss of father, lover, and walking into encounter with one who perpetrated deaths. o shit!

  8. David Pascoe's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    For the majority of its running time, this is a beguilingly pretentious film kept afloat mainly by Manuela Velles’s superbly human lead performance. The final act is a badly misjudged letdown though which fails to follow through on what the film has previously set up. A shame.

  9. May's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Genuinely one of the worst films I've ever seen, yet I... Kind of enjoyed it?! I am baffled.

  10. Leo's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    This is a painfully mishandled mess of a film.

  11. Chris's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Let's just say I would not watch 'Sex and Lucia' after this

  12. maria's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    It has many wtfs but it's still captivating. post-colonialism commentary in the hippie community.

  13. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    What a mysterious film. So much potential, much of it wasted. I liked the (hypnotic) conceit of a countdown of sequences, but I think we deserved just a little more explanation of how Ana reached one from the other. And if Medem thinks his 'all men are rapists' theme makes him a 'feminist', what does his use of sex tell us about his attitude to women? Don't know his other films, but I hooe the are more coherent.

  14. R's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    What terrible pretensious mess, never seen a movie trying so hard to cram as many cliches as possible into an one hour slot. I did wonder if the script wasn't written by a pimpled faced 16 year old fresh out of reading his first book on the dreadful sins of the patriarchy after his first ever rave and ecstasy pill. Chaotic indeed.

  15. Loni's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Loved the ideas of fractured and collective female identity, but found some bits of the plot dissonant.

  16. Jim's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Ultimately disappointed. It seems that Medem was using Ana as a vehicle, rather than the powerful figure of strong women through the ages that she might have been. The change of tone that comes with Ana's moving to New York and her eventual fate gives the impression the the finale was tacked on, rather than the inexorable climax that her path had been leading up to.

  17. Pok's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Pobre película, no sabe lo que quiere ser. El personaje central parece haber sido basado en la hermana del director pero sin su historia, por lo que se siente falsa y plana. Es supuestamente feminista, pero con algunos argumentos y secuencias abyectamente misóginas. Y pretende ser crítica, pero sólo logra ser condescenciente. Tiene algunas cosas buenas, pero se pierden entre el caos. Al menos hace honor al título.

  18. Chazmalaz's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

  19. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

  20. simon hughes's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Oh dear, Iberian adolescent “art” “rebellion” comes across like an 80s music video trying too hard or an advert for a “wild” “be an individual” perfume

  21. sara's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Boring, I couldn't get through half of it. Gives me white feminism vibes aka using other women's cultures as props.

  22. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Medem is the kind of male-feminist who thinks a woman's worth is defined only by her sexual allure; her rebellion existing, not independently, but for the benefit of the male gaze. This was less problematic in his earlier, more meta films, such as Sex & Lucia, but as Chaotic Ana moves from metaphysical mystery to blunt anti-Iraq War commentary, the weakness of his characters, as more than just ciphers, becomes clear.

  23. Filmfreundin's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

    Gute Idee, schön verpackt in einer klugen Dramaturgie.

  24. thay's rating of the film Chaotic Ana

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