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  1. Photo of Wim Wenders

    Wim Wenders Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ry Cooder

    Ry Cooder Narrator, Self, and Music

  3. Photo of Manuel Galbán

    Manuel Galbán Self

  4. Photo of Jörg Widmer

    Jörg Widmer Cinematography

  5. Photo of Theo Bierkens

    Theo Bierkens Cinematography

  6. Photo of Brigit Hillenius

    Brigit Hillenius Cinematography

  7. Photo of Robby Müller

    Robby Müller Cinematography

  8. Photo of M. Claire Pijman

    M. Claire Pijman Cinematography

  9. Photo of Lisa Rinzler

    Lisa Rinzler Cinematography

  10. Photo of Richard Rutkowski

    Richard Rutkowski Cinematography

  11. Photo of Julio Simoneau

    Julio Simoneau Cinematography

  12. Photo of Donata Wenders

    Donata Wenders Cinematography

  13. Photo of Buena Vista Social Club

    Buena Vista Social Club Music and Self

  14. Photo of Joachim Cooder

    Joachim Cooder Music and Self

  15. Photo of Omara Portuondo

    Omara Portuondo Music and Self

  16. Photo of Harry Warren

    Harry Warren Music

  17. Photo of Buddy De Sylva

    Buddy De Sylva Music

  18. Photo of Ray Henderson

    Ray Henderson Music

  19. Photo of Lew Brown

    Lew Brown Music

  20. Photo of Cole Porter

    Cole Porter Music

  21. Photo of Artie Shaw

    Artie Shaw Music

  22. Photo of Jerry Grayson

    Jerry Grayson Music

  23. Photo of 'Cachao' Israel López Valdés

    'Cachao' Israel López Valdés Music

  24. Photo of Deepak Nayar

    Deepak Nayar Producer

  25. Photo of Rosa Bosch

    Rosa Bosch Producer

  26. Photo of Kristi Lake

    Kristi Lake Producer

  27. Photo of Linda Moran

    Linda Moran Producer

  28. Photo of Ulrich Felsberg

    Ulrich Felsberg Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Editing

  30. Photo of Monica Anderson

    Monica Anderson Editing

  31. Photo of Michael Donnelly

    Michael Donnelly Editing

  32. Photo of Russell Farmarco

    Russell Farmarco Sound

  33. Photo of Rik Meier

    Rik Meier Sound

  34. Photo of Martin Müller

    Martin Müller Sound

  35. Photo of E. Benjamin Posnack

    E. Benjamin Posnack Sound

  36. Photo of Elmo Weber

    Elmo Weber Sound