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  1. Photo of Jean-Luc Godard

    Jean-Luc Godard Director, Screenplay, and Cast

  2. Photo of François Truffaut

    François Truffaut Story

  3. Photo of Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol Story

  4. Photo of Jean Seberg

    Jean Seberg Cast

  5. Photo of Jean-Paul Belmondo

    Jean-Paul Belmondo Cast

  6. Photo of Daniel Boulanger

    Daniel Boulanger Cast

  7. Photo of Henri-Jacques Huet

    Henri-Jacques Huet Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Hanin

    Roger Hanin Cast

  9. Photo of Van Doude

    Van Doude Cast

  10. Photo of Claude Mansard

    Claude Mansard Cast

  11. Photo of Liliane Dreyfus

    Liliane Dreyfus Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Fabre

    Michel Fabre Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Pierre Melville

    Jean-Pierre Melville Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Balducci

    Richard Balducci Cast

  15. Photo of André S. Labarthe

    André S. Labarthe Cast

  16. Photo of François Moreuil

    François Moreuil Cast

  17. Photo of Jacques Lourcelles

    Jacques Lourcelles Cast

  18. Photo of Liliane Robin

    Liliane Robin Cast

  19. Photo of Gérard Brach

    Gérard Brach Cast

  20. Photo of Philippe de Broca

    Philippe de Broca Cast

  21. Photo of José Bénazéraf

    José Bénazéraf Cast

  22. Photo of Jean Domarchi

    Jean Domarchi Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Douchet

    Jean Douchet Cast

  24. Photo of Jean Herman

    Jean Herman Cast

  25. Photo of Raymond Huntley

    Raymond Huntley Cast

  26. Photo of Louiguy

    Louiguy Cast

  27. Photo of Michel Mourlet

    Michel Mourlet Cast

  28. Photo of Jean-Louis Richard

    Jean-Louis Richard Cast

  29. Photo of Jacques Rivette

    Jacques Rivette Cast

  30. Photo of Jacques Serguine

    Jacques Serguine Cast

  31. Photo of Jacques Siclier

    Jacques Siclier Cast

  32. Photo of Raoul Coutard

    Raoul Coutard Cinematography

  33. Photo of Claude Beausoleil

    Claude Beausoleil Cinematography

  34. Photo of Martial Solal

    Martial Solal Music

  35. Photo of Georges de Beauregard

    Georges de Beauregard Producer

  36. Photo of Cécile Decugis

    Cécile Decugis Editing

  37. Photo of Lila Herman

    Lila Herman Editing

  38. Photo of Jacques Maumont

    Jacques Maumont Sound