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  1. Photo of Victor Schertzinger

    Victor Schertzinger Director

  2. Photo of Harry Tugend

    Harry Tugend Screenplay

  3. Photo of Walter DeLeon

    Walter DeLeon Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bing Crosby

    Bing Crosby Cast

  5. Photo of Mary Martin

    Mary Martin Cast

  6. Photo of Brian Donlevy

    Brian Donlevy Cast

  7. Photo of Carolyn Lee

    Carolyn Lee Cast

  8. Photo of Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson

    Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Cast

  9. Photo of J. Carrol Naish

    J. Carrol Naish Cast

  10. Photo of Warren Hymer

    Warren Hymer Cast

  11. Photo of Horace McMahon

    Horace McMahon Cast

  12. Photo of Ruby Elzy

    Ruby Elzy Cast

  13. Photo of Jack Teagarden

    Jack Teagarden Cast

  14. Photo of Danny Beck

    Danny Beck Cast

  15. Photo of Harry Barris

    Harry Barris Cast

  16. Photo of Perry Botkin Sr.

    Perry Botkin Sr. Cast

  17. Photo of Minor Watson

    Minor Watson Cast

  18. Photo of Harry Rosenthal

    Harry Rosenthal Cast

  19. Photo of Donald Kerr

    Donald Kerr Cast

  20. Photo of Barbara Pepper

    Barbara Pepper Cast

  21. Photo of Cecil Kellaway

    Cecil Kellaway Cast

  22. Photo of Ronnie Cosby

    Ronnie Cosby Cast

  23. Photo of Ted Lewis

    Ted Lewis Cast

  24. Photo of Duke Ellington

    Duke Ellington Cast

  25. Photo of Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong Cast

  26. Photo of Tommy Dorsey

    Tommy Dorsey Cast

  27. Photo of Jimmy Dorsey

    Jimmy Dorsey Cast

  28. Photo of Benny Goodman

    Benny Goodman Cast

  29. Photo of Paul Whiteman

    Paul Whiteman Cast

  30. Photo of William C. Mellor

    William C. Mellor Cinematography

  31. Photo of Robert Emmett Dolan

    Robert Emmett Dolan Music

  32. Photo of Monta Bell

    Monta Bell Producer

  33. Photo of Buddy G. DeSylva

    Buddy G. DeSylva Producer

  34. Photo of Paul Weatherwax

    Paul Weatherwax Editing