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  1. Mike Daly's rating of the film Bacurau

    Highly original and a film I suspect that would work well second-time around too. Some of it was overlong, but a film that takes lots of risks that mostly pay off.

  2. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Bacurau

    comtemporary films that attempt to entangle viewers using a diverse mixture of genre, driven by a mysterious atrocity running through remote community and simultaneously emphasizing its geographical personality, i found Dumont's Li'l Quinquin a better one in every way

  3. Tomasz Chwalek's rating of the film Bacurau

    A senseless orgy of violence with traces of barely any meaning. The film pitches a nondescript group of whites with guns against a post-racial, idyllic community. Bloodshed ensues as no rationale for anything is ever presented. How the reviewers saw a progressive or subversive message in this film that is little more than a sequence of badly filmed shoot-outs is beyond me. We deserve better takes on colonialism.

  4. priyansh's rating of the film Bacurau

    'Bacurau' didn't pick up the central character of the movie. Started with the death of their matriarch and slowly opens to the other problems in the region. Bacurau is the clear cut answer to the current right-wing government in brazil which is exploiting the natural resources and taking back the rights of indigenous people. It's also touched upon the hegemony of westerns and colonial teachnqies to evacuate the town

  5. Matthew Quetzal's rating of the film Bacurau

  6. neuroza's rating of the film Bacurau

  7. Ed's rating of the film Bacurau

    Wow. Everything about this film is superb. Satire, menace, a hint of comedy, good pacing, great themes, violence, beautiful photography. Blown away. Totally original and totally bloody brilliant.

  8. Andrea Greco's rating of the film Bacurau

  9. seniseen's rating of the film Bacurau

  10. Jiya Jain's rating of the film Bacurau

    It begins as a Brazilian social drama, but gradually morphs into a violent, gory grind-house experience. The world-building was done beautifully, every character had a memorable outcome and the climax was heart-pounding, yet cathartic. Bacurau has certainly made a mark on my memory.

  11. Mouraz's rating of the film Bacurau

  12. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Bacurau

  13. Rosie Stevenson's rating of the film Bacurau

    Just the most ballsy, bloody clash of the wild wild Brazilian sertão, hallucinogenics, Yankee militarism and some moments reminiscent of Tarantino, as well as some punchy political one-liners for good measure. Flipping the finger at Bolsonaro!

  14. erikdylansr's rating of the film Bacurau

    Few films are as enjoyable (or bizarre) as Filho & Dornelles' 'Bacurau.' The second act is not as good as the first, but it is still brilliant.

  15. Patrick's rating of the film Bacurau

  16. luxm's rating of the film Bacurau

    Brilliant, original and ferocious brazilian western. A powerful critic to social inequality and colonialism.

  17. jeanlice's rating of the film Bacurau

    extremely lazy writing, underdeveloped characters throughout the whole film, and very questionable decisions regarding post-postproduction gives Bacurau the notion of an expensive B-movie without any direction.

  18. amanda_faria's rating of the film Bacurau

  19. Miguel A. Reina's rating of the film Bacurau

    The disappearing town. The community that defends itself. The missing water. The film is a clever mix of genres. Blood-tinged political cinema. Gal Costa sounds. "Too much violence," says the most violent character. John Carpenter sounds. A dystopian western more complex than "Westworld". The strangers scenes are unbalanced. The colonization of the disadvantaged. The death is a spaghetti western. "Se for, vá na paz".

  20. Luca's rating of the film Bacurau

    Proof that the sweetest justice is self defence and revenge.

  21. Supratik Das's rating of the film Bacurau

    Brilliant screenplay, strong performances, and John Carpenter's music was cherry on top of the cake!!

  22. Justin's rating of the film Bacurau

    3.5. Really interesting film, best to watch without reading anything about it. Lovely landscapes, well shot, some good performances (not the majority of the foreigners, unfortunately), and interesting tonal and musical shifts. Quite a lot of political satire, which I didn’t understand all of, with lots of it landing nicely.

  23. richiekeaney's rating of the film Bacurau

    A high tech "western" set in the arid Brazilian mountains. A violent, satirical, moving and fundamentally human call for unity and togetherness. An outcry for human dignity, love and peace and a striking analogy for South American colonialism. Takes what Monos did so well in terms of shock factor and stunning cinematic style and adds to it true heart and humanity. Fucking phenomenal and truly unique.

  24. michael's rating of the film Bacurau

    bacurau clearly has a very big political resonance for those living in brazil, and while, to be honest, i felt like i was missing some of the deeper meaning because i know very little about brazillian politics, the success of the film is that you don't need to know any of this context

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