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  1. Oufdefilms's rating of the film Attenberg

    Un début malaisant, déroutant , captivant et saisissant. La moitié du film est comme une série de tableaux tout aussi fous les uns que les autres ; un genre de formule décousu pour nous faire connaître les 2 principaux personnages du film , la fille et le père. La deuxième partie du film, l'histoire se resserre autour du père et de sa fille. La fin en plan fixe sur un air de Françoise Hardy, wow !

  2. Dalia Ortiz Pon's rating of the film Attenberg

  3. Louis Robert's rating of the film Attenberg

    Great father/daughter scenes, and interesting tone. Although I know it's on purpose, it left me cold and sad.

  4. philippe.amand's rating of the film Attenberg

  5. NICOLE86's rating of the film Attenberg

    For me it was the camera work that made me really enjoy this film. I felt as almost as if I were intruding on this girls most vulnerable moments.

  6. dionysus67's rating of the film Attenberg

    A tangible index of how post-humanism with a feminist twist can regress into a reactionary world-view and thus open the sluices for de-politicizing humanness. In this sterilized and Antonionian milieu, Tsangari indulges in acrobatics over the mechanical conception of agency, and, like Lanthimos, finds repose in zoological levelings erroneously projected to society. Visually interesting, but slavish and retreatist.

  7. a.'s rating of the film Attenberg

    Far less successful in enacting detachment and passive dialogue than Lanthimos' work. I really wanted to love this, but I simply could not.

  8. dana nico's rating of the film Attenberg

  9. Antares Rising's rating of the film Attenberg

  10. John's rating of the film Attenberg

    One for the weirdos. I dig it. Painfully relatable. My favourite scene was the anxious eating of a hospital sandwich. I've never seen industrial Greece and some of the shots were beautiful.

  11. Elisavet's rating of the film Attenberg

    Exquisite cinematography. Words only used when necessary, with stills filling in the gaps of what is left unspoken. Animal sounds and mimicry give voice to the the silent scream, to the uncencored functions of desire.

  12. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Attenberg

    Written and directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, this has the feel of someone trying to emulate Yorgos Lanthimos (with whom she worked as producer on a couple of his movies) without getting it quite right. The tone, the black comedy, the sharp commentary on aspects of society, all of these things are close, but just slightly lacking.

  13. mis marg's rating of the film Attenberg

    loved this film, it's for everyone that mourns a father. Enjoyed the goose stepping self expression; Marina remained connected to her self, amid dissociations ,amazingly well. And that Bella! And the papa facing his own mortality in middle age describing himself as an old man. The quirks of Balkan burial.....Life pulses through it, and goes on regardless.

  14. Thomas's rating of the film Attenberg

    A quirky, touching little film which portrays it's relationships in an original, honest and interesting way. There are some particularly good dialogue scenes which hit the mark spot on in relation to the film's exploratory tone. Worth a watch.

  15. PA's rating of the film Attenberg

    I saw a similar Greek film earlier this year with the same theme (isolated childhood and subsequent adulthood issues). Some good scenes, especially the two girls performing their hand-in-hand dances.

  16. Erlösung's rating of the film Attenberg

    The blend of weird fiction and realism does not taste that good in this case. I was not sure how to interpret it: should I consider it an allegory, a metaphor (e.g. The Lobster)? or an absurdist tale (e.g. Pity)? or is it a character's inner world manifestation? I think there is a bit of confusion about the tone and the content of the message Attenberg was meant to convey.

  17. FISCHER's rating of the film Attenberg

    Un vrai petit bonheur d'improvisation et de légèreté qui va faire grogner bien des rationnels de tous bords qui fuient et dénient tout ce qui pétille et frétille de par son non-sens et sa déraison, une des singularités de la nouvelle vague du cinéma grec...

  18. thomas's rating of the film Attenberg

    have never seen a movie like this before. while love and death are common topics i feel this movie coming closer to me than many others, in a good way. love the minimalism like the raincoats in the last sequence, depicting friendship as a way to transcend spiritually in an industrial age of time.

  19. Venus Rey Jr's rating of the film Attenberg

    Buen film: extraño, oscuro, inclasificable. Marina tiene 23 años y se piensa asexual. Mientras se inicia tardíamente en el sexo gracias a su amiga Bella y un casi desconocido a quien sirve de chofer y con quien perderá la virginidad; su padre, un arquitecto ateo, está muriendo. Marina y su padre son aficionados a los documentales sobre animales de Attenborough (de ahí el nombre del film). Mucho que leer entrelíneas.

  20. Grecia Perez's rating of the film Attenberg

    Thank you. Really enjoyable and amusing to watch, but also made me think and most of all, feel without the need of being too emotional. A great discovery.

  21. Juan's rating of the film Attenberg

    Una película profundamente psicológica; el mundo exterior parece no existir más allá de unos cuantos lazos afectivos muy intensos y artísticamente descritos. La actuación de la protagonista es destacable.

  22. Manuel Aguirre's rating of the film Attenberg

  23. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Attenberg

  24. jacquesadit's rating of the film Attenberg

    some silent scenes really annoyed me since i saw no point in them. it kind of felt like i was wasting my time rather than watching something really artistic.

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