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  1. kartina obskura's rating of the film Archipelago

  2. C҉ă҉t҉ă҉l҉i҉n҉'s rating of the film Archipelago

    So this is the greatest modern day director according to MUBIphiles? Nah, I think I prefer Rob Zombie.

  3. Auranee's rating of the film Archipelago

    Great cinematography and writing

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Archipelago

    The camera maintains a wary distance as it coolly observes the final throes of this incredibly disagreeable family. At no time did I feel any connection nor sympathy for them. The pompous bitch of a sister particularly loathsome. Archipelago fails to engage on any real level completely unlike Hogg's previous work "Unrelated".

  5. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Archipelago

    (1.5 stars) Hogg's films reek of upper-class privilege with a lack of true intensity. This one is terribly boring with a few awkward dinner scenes interspersed throughout. Dialogue seems improvised and the actors seem uncomfortable saying it. Scenes just trail off a bit sadly and a bit desperately. Even the usual Hiddleston charm falls very flat here and fails to elevate this disappointingly banal family drama.

  6. J.B.'s rating of the film Archipelago

    The colors were gorgeous and very appropriate to the message of the film. However, the cinematography was poor in some places. I wish more attention had been paid to the composition of the shot in several of the indoor scenes. Fantastic direction and wonderful acting. I will keep an eye out for Joanna Hogg's work in the future.

  7. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Archipelago

  8. Honeychurch's rating of the film Archipelago

    I didn't think there could be a film as uninteresting as "Unrelated". guess I was wrong. and i enjoy a good slow-burn movie. a good one.

  9. Rebekah's rating of the film Archipelago

    Joanna Hogg created a very grey film in Archipelago. Perhaps it's called this because each character is supposed to be their own island of sorts. Either way, Tom Hiddleston is sad and fabulous in his own right. Excellent composition, the cinematographer really loves shots of scenery and the lack of music makes the audience feel right in the midst of the familial strife.

  10. Crystal's rating of the film Archipelago

    The sound of ambient ocean waves welcomes us to a remote family vacation. This gathering doubles as a farewell party. Unsure of where life is taking him, Edward devotes his last couple of weeks to spending time with his mother and sister. However, no family vacation goes without obstacles.

  11. daniel's rating of the film Archipelago

    Reductionist in nature, Archipelago portrays the fragility of family relationships as they take a vacation together. Slowly, the family dynamic begins to crumble from the inside out, showcasing the steps in which a family decays.

  12. Jenny's rating of the film Archipelago

    Archipelago is a movie filled with stunning landscapes and tense family dynamic. On the family goes to the Isles of Scilly, the distance between the family members grow. The film is not for everyone, but worth watching to find out. The title shows imagery between an actual archipelago and the distance between the family members.

  13. John's rating of the film Archipelago

    Thank you, Mubi, for turning me onto the rigorous, ravishing talents of director Joanna Hogg.

  14. manybits's rating of the film Archipelago

    In the synopsis, Mubi incorrectly lists Tresco as one of the Isles of Sicily instead of Scilly. Aside from the geographical mishap, this is another "vacation from hell" flick in the ongoing series of British upper class families imploding in slow motion and it is as bleak as any post-apocalyptic narrative you can think of. It's titled archipelago, but it a stark reminder that every man is an island.

  15. Zac's rating of the film Archipelago

    Great movie!! The shots of nature are beautiful and the way Hogg shows each character. The lighting and angles are phenomenal!

  16. Hannah's rating of the film Archipelago

    Great audio and track timing in this film, it all felt very realistic. It's detail-oriented which also made it feel realistic. Tom Hiddleston made it just that much better. The cast is well-rounded and they all seemed to be a cohesive fit. I loved the emotional build-up and the release. Several great telephoto shots. I wish there was a musical soundtrack but I think the natural sounds still worked well.

  17. Anna Keefe's rating of the film Archipelago

    Archipelago is a beautiful film. Even the soundtrack, which isn't music, but sounds of nature, was artfully crafted. Each decision made with stark changes in lighting seem carefully selected and planned perfectly and are in sync with the characters and changing moods. There is an understanding of what it means to be lonely, and Edward is relatable and charming because of it.

  18. Anthony Dewar's rating of the film Archipelago

    Archipelago’s story is very relatable yet unique. Even the resolution doesn’t foreshadow any definite future but it does show how one vacation can potentially change someone’s life. The cinematography is beautifully shot with an intimate low budget feel. Archipelago is a great film to watch if you are at a crossroads and in any sort of life crisis.

  19. starbuckk's rating of the film Archipelago

    This is an incredible film reminiscent of Ozu & Assayas. The shots of nature & the way sound is captured are beautiful. Hogg also manages to capture her characters in all of their bourgeois cringe-worthiness & vacuousness without ever losing an attitude of tenderness towards them.

  20. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Archipelago

    Reminded me of a Rohmer film so I looked it up and Hogg's films have often been compared to Rohmer's. Tom Hiddleston is really good and should probably do more like this and less like, well, you know. British realism, baby.

  21. Myles's rating of the film Archipelago

    She does characters so well. The bitch sister is one to remember. Something more serious about Archipelago than it's earlier Italian counterpart. Britain does that.

  22. Diderot's rating of the film Archipelago

    Bourgeois leisure time is never more tense and foreboding (and moving) than in Hogg's wildly intelligent, observant, and affectionately imagined anti-dramas. Lydia Leonard is brilliant here as the woman who defiantly sends her mis-cooked food back to the kitchen only to learn that it is, after all, supposed to be that pink in the middle.

  23. SafeStanding's rating of the film Archipelago

    Perfectly balanced study of an unbalanced family.

  24. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Archipelago

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