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  1. Photo of Yiannis Tsiros

    Yiannis Tsiros Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sotiris Pastras

    Sotiris Pastras Cast

  3. Photo of Youlika Skafida

    Youlika Skafida Cast

  4. Photo of Andrianna Babali

    Andrianna Babali Cast

  5. Photo of Yorgos Karamihos

    Yorgos Karamihos Cast

  6. Photo of Akilas Karazisis

    Akilas Karazisis Cast

  7. Photo of Iro Moukiou

    Iro Moukiou Cast

  8. Photo of Lydia Fotopoulou

    Lydia Fotopoulou Cast

  9. Photo of Elias Adamis

    Elias Adamis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Nikos Kypourgos

    Nikos Kypourgos Music

  11. Photo of Elisavet Tsouhtidi

    Elisavet Tsouhtidi Producer

  12. Photo of Greg Cokinakis

    Greg Cokinakis Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Aris Bafaloukas

    Aris Bafaloukas Editing, Director, and Producer

  14. Photo of Alexis Pezas

    Alexis Pezas Editing

  15. Photo of Nikos Bouyioukos

    Nikos Bouyioukos Sound

  16. Photo of George Faskiotis

    George Faskiotis Sound