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  1. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Anarchy, silly, dumb nerdish. Overraterd, overproofed.

  2. Stephen.mcdonnell1's rating of the film Animal Crackers

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Animal Crackers

    **1/2. Basically the same screenplay than ´The Cocoanuts´'s shot the year before. The Marx Brothers manage to prevent a crime from happening. Harpo is playing harp and uses the same gimmicks with his face and leg, Chico plays piano and Groucho tries to seduce a wealthy old woman and talks a lot. I liked it yes but I'm waiting for a lot more from these geniuses. Almost already forgotten.

  4. Bob Sarobe's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    The musical momentos are exceptional!

  5. Zachariah Rigby's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    The Cocoanuts had its moments but this is the first really great Marx Brothers movie, even if it still feels a bit stagey. Some of Groucho's best lines, and everyone else is on form (even Zeppo gets a couple of gags).

  6. Ramon Colom's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Animal crackers es una de las primeras películAs de los Marx que hasta entonces se habian fogueado en Broadway con revistas como ésta. No es perfecta pero te ries y la ves con mucho gusto. A mi me gusta el número musical de bienvenida a la casa y a Groucho haciendo una paròdia de Eugene O’Neill. El resto es sabido: Harpo detrás de cualquier falda y Chico perfilando su papel. Margaret Dumont Ya está perfecta.

  7. mis marg's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Missed this as computer seized, thought it'd be in library so no matter, but actually not .........note to look for this vintage piece again 2.7.20

  8. Erik F.'s rating of the film Animal Crackers

  9. Nicole's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Perfect comedy escapism, it’s like saying hi to an old friend. I hope to have half the wit of a Marx brothers character, or to have the balls to be that snarky to a host. Quotable from start to finish, how can you not love the perfectly named and shape tongued Captain Spaulding?

  10. Raul Duarte's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    No pude terminarla, no es que sea mala, es cuanto menos interesante, pero realmente no lo estaba disfrutando, aunque la historia tiene potencial y tengo curiosidad de como terminará, la verdad es que el humor me parece muy tedioso, no es para mi. 6/10 Películas con potencial que no son para mi.

  11. LeDobermann's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    The numerous puns and spoons spun somewhere into the subtitles.

  12. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    It has all the faults of the very first sound films; stage actors still clearly acting for an audience, speaking loudly for everyone at the back; an inability to place the camera anywhere but right in front; and just overall pacing. We're still far from the coming expertise of Leo McCarey. There are a few moments of comedic genius, but they are few and far between, while most quips struggle to stand out.

  13. Graceful Photon's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    I had a vague memory from watching Duck Soup that I didn't care for the Marx brothers, and turns out my memory is good. I enjoyed a total of one scene from this picture, and otherwise found it downright unpleasant. Comedy must have been different in the 30s...

  14. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Animal Crackers

  15. Kamran S. Sehgal's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Slapstick humour seems to be outdated to modern audiences. Pity, done right it can be irresistibly funny; even after 90 years!

  16. Pok's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    3.5 He visto poco de los hermanos Marx y creo que esperaba más de esta película. Aún así, me gustó su humor irreverente y su comedia física. Supongo que tengo que ver más películas de ellos para familiarizarme con sus bromas recurrentes y poder encontrarles más gracia.

  17. Francisco Real's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Muy buenos momentos y diálogos hilarantes. Chico al piano y Harpo en el arpa son maravillosos.

  18. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Just because I don't love it, and it's always making me slightly wary as I type that out, doesn't mean that Animal Crackers shouldn't still be held up as a bit of a comedy classic. It just happens to pale in comparison to the better films starring The Marx Brothers, the films that would come along soon after this one.

  19. Lo's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    This is a great time capsule into early 20th century comedy. Some humour is timeless.

  20. tubbssw's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    There are some terrible one liners but most of them work. Harpo's performance is the most polished of the brothers and he steals the show (as well as the polish probably).

  21. ADZERTY's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Incroyable ! On se croirait devant une opérette d'Offenbach, avec un sens exquis de l'humour absurde. Les Marx savent tout faire, et surtout semer la pagaille dans la haute société américaine des années folles !

  22. Kethura Duverlus's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Polite and classic, while still being hilarious and extravagant. Movies like that are a real surprise for a modern audience!

  23. Gilberto Tedeia's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Só podia ser rodado nos anos de disputa por qual seria a cara dos EUA após 1929. A que esse filme insinua foi a grande derrotada. O que perdemos na derrota pós-30? Subversão das relações de causalidade, inferências lógicas por homofonia, esgares gratuitos. Arrastada na lama por esse filme, desde então louva-se a polidez da impostura politicamente correta, tudo o que adormecido "abraço" final tripudia em si e em todos

  24. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Animal Crackers

    Has several inspired moments whenever Groucho or Harpo are onscreen. The opening number is gleeful, as is all of Groucho's many putdowns, puns and witticisms. Harpo is a chaotic ball of slapstick energy and together with Chico they make a brillaint comedy team. Sadly, the filmmaking isn't up to their level, feeling stagey and uninspired while the story meanders to near tedium. But still absolutely worth it.

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