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  1. Photo of Declan Lowney

    Declan Lowney Director

  2. Photo of Peter Baynham

    Peter Baynham Screenplay

  3. Photo of Armando Iannucci

    Armando Iannucci Screenplay and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Steve Coogan

    Steve Coogan Screenplay, Executive Producer, and Cast

  5. Photo of Neil Gibbons

    Neil Gibbons Screenplay and Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Colm Meaney

    Colm Meaney Cast

  7. Photo of Anna Maxwell Martin

    Anna Maxwell Martin Cast

  8. Photo of Sean Pertwee

    Sean Pertwee Cast

  9. Photo of Felicity Montagu

    Felicity Montagu Cast

  10. Photo of Monica Dolan

    Monica Dolan Cast

  11. Photo of Nigel Lindsay

    Nigel Lindsay Cast

  12. Photo of Phil Cornwell

    Phil Cornwell Cast

  13. Photo of Simon Delaney

    Simon Delaney Cast

  14. Photo of Simon Greenall

    Simon Greenall Cast

  15. Photo of Tim Key

    Tim Key Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Singh

    Peter Singh Cast

  17. Photo of Ben Smithard

    Ben Smithard Cinematography

  18. Photo of Dick Lunn

    Dick Lunn Production Design

  19. Photo of Kevin Loader

    Kevin Loader Producer

  20. Photo of Henry Normal

    Henry Normal Producer

  21. Photo of Rob Gibbons

    Rob Gibbons Executive Producer and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Christine Langan

    Christine Langan Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Joe Oppenheimer

    Joe Oppenheimer Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Danny Perkins

    Danny Perkins Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Mark Everson

    Mark Everson Editing