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  1. Photo of Peter Chan

    Peter Chan Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Lee Chi-Ngai

    Lee Chi-Ngai Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maggie Cheung

    Maggie Cheung Cast

  4. Photo of Alam Tam

    Alam Tam Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Dingo

    Michael Dingo Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Fonoroff

    Paul Fonoroff Cast

  7. Photo of Blackie Ko

    Blackie Ko Cast

  8. Photo of Barry Wong

    Barry Wong Cast and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Jingle Ma

    Jingle Ma Cinematography

  10. Photo of Luk Man-Wah

    Luk Man-Wah Production Design

  11. Photo of Eric Tsang

    Eric Tsang Producer and Cast