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  1. chanandre's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    [MUBI] probably the best summer film I've ever seen since Gonçalves' "Uma Rapariga no Verão" and Olmi's "Durante L'Estate" - everything in its right place: the flooding sunlight, the siestas, the drapes that flow Malickly, the slow movements, the soft spoken conversations, the light meals, the laziness, ...

  2. TheCentralRuhr's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Sleepy domesticity makes for a Bachelardian shelter, allowing imagination to pass through its interiors as its inhabitants daydream about life in other countries, communities, and places. The paint-chipped walls lend a transitory sense to their residency, as if the people inside are just another layer of paint serving as decoration until the next layer comes around. (cont.)

  3. Derrière chaque paupière des oeillades's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  4. easypz's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Immediately the film tells us how to experience it: focusing attention on between-ness, "dichotomies" people mistrust, yet where they can "find themselves" (prose vs. poetry). A prominent book title catches the eye: "Picasso Cubism." All is juxtaposed, impermanent, transitional, multi-faceted. Some periods of life seem more conducive to this awareness; Wittman's film reproduces these conditions. I value the reminder.

  5. Camille Franche's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  6. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    tentative two wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good, either...left me bored like an Ackerman short, BUT, if i should ever view this with different eyes, i might have a change of heart...side note three and a half stars for HOW it says whatever it says, rather than WHAT it says....

  7. internisus's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Insufficiently consistent in its form and lacking any value otherwise. If these homes and their clutters of belongings are intended to tell a story, they failed to do so, and this isn't hypnotic or evocative enough to function even as a background loop. This is a decent idea for a short film of montage tone poems that falls woefully short on execution. I watched three times to make sure.

  8. El Biffo's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  9. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Very painterly and like poetry. Sonically and visually limpid, luxe, calme, et volupté. Dutch/Spanish light/surfaces. What I feel Sam Taylor-Wood and Eve Sussman reach for but are aesthetically/constitutionally unable to do more than signify. This is why I am here! The poor reviews are proof that we need more films like this here, not less.

  10. ejonline's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    I couldn't finish this. It struck me as anticipatory nostalgia of a particularly solipsistic nature - the wandering gaze looking over things that it would soon leave. Knowing nothing about the place itself or the perspective, what is left is a very formalized sense of longing for connection that simultaneously fetishizes languor. This seems common in scenes in other movies and it didn't work for me in isolation.

  11. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Not my fetish. My obligation. My pastime or obsession. And Helena clearly feels free not to return the favor.

  12. Jorge Sobral's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Slow video catalog of a shared appartment. Between morning's planning and evening's activity it's only shown the morning in this film.

  13. Amalia Nita's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  14. Lex Adam's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    The beautiful color grades brings the drawn-out day to life, with the city soundscape leaving the occupants behind to their own fantasies. The first few minutes drew me in, but the continuous panning with no compelling visual story telling leaves me wanting something more.

  15. Sorin's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  16. Richard Gerber's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  17. jodiefosterstalker's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Slow breaths, easy on the eyes. cradles a great deal of calm and gratitude. A certain gluttonous laziness behind the safe walls of sprinkled light and ground coffee

  18. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    It's the Emperor's New Clothes. I'm calling B.S.

  19. cesar villanueva's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Great use of space and composition throughout. Reminds of me relaxing, slow weekends. Conveys a strong emotion I can resonate with. Well lit with great colorization. A bit too slow for my taste, but I enjoyed this experimental film. Currently looking forward towards seeing her other works.

  20. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    2.5 bumps of color saturation. The frame is nearly always filled with lovely compositions panning slowly to more lovely compositions, not one ugly or improvised cut allowed. Perhaps Helena should check her notes and recover when her mentor mentioned only to use lens flares sparingly so as to minimalism the possibility of becoming artificially precious.

  21. David R Williams's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    Walls defaced by time become maps to other places. The camera journeys through rooms filled with people, with one solitary occupant, empty. The detritus of existence. Windows frame a world outside, beckoning.

  22. Chris DeFalco's rating of the film Ada Kaleh

  23. Erik F.'s rating of the film Ada Kaleh

    1.5 stars. But FYI:

  24. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Ada Kaleh