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  1. Photo of Paul Cox

    Paul Cox Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Barry Dickins

    Barry Dickins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sheila Florance

    Sheila Florance Cast

  4. Photo of Gosia Dobrowolska

    Gosia Dobrowolska Cast

  5. Photo of Norman Kaye

    Norman Kaye Cast

  6. Photo of Chris Haywood

    Chris Haywood Cast

  7. Photo of Ernie Gray

    Ernie Gray Cast

  8. Photo of Myrtle Woods

    Myrtle Woods Cast

  9. Photo of Bruce Myles

    Bruce Myles Cast

  10. Photo of Alex Menglet

    Alex Menglet Cast

  11. Photo of François Bernard

    François Bernard Cast

  12. Photo of Manuel Bachet

    Manuel Bachet Cast

  13. Photo of Monica Maughan

    Monica Maughan Cast

  14. Photo of Max Gillies

    Max Gillies Cast

  15. Photo of Tony Llewellyn-Jones

    Tony Llewellyn-Jones Cast

  16. Photo of David Reid

    David Reid Cast

  17. Photo of Dawn Klingberg

    Dawn Klingberg Cast

  18. Photo of Marina Finlay

    Marina Finlay Cast

  19. Photo of Victoria Eagger

    Victoria Eagger Cast

  20. Photo of Marion Heathfield

    Marion Heathfield Cast

  21. Photo of James Khong

    James Khong Cast

  22. Photo of Kate Fewster

    Kate Fewster Cast

  23. Photo of Carla Hoogeveen

    Carla Hoogeveen Cast

  24. Photo of Veronica Koca

    Veronica Koca Cast

  25. Photo of Kyra Cox

    Kyra Cox Cast

  26. Photo of Hal Todd

    Hal Todd Cast

  27. Photo of Melita Jurisic

    Melita Jurisic Cast

  28. Photo of Nino Gaetano Martinetti

    Nino Gaetano Martinetti Cinematography and Cast

  29. Photo of Paul Grabowsky

    Paul Grabowsky Music

  30. Photo of Neil Angwin

    Neil Angwin Production Design

  31. Photo of Santhana K. Naidu

    Santhana K. Naidu Producer

  32. Photo of William T. Marshall

    William T. Marshall Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Russell Hurley

    Russell Hurley Editing

  34. Photo of Yuri Worontschak

    Yuri Worontschak Sound