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  1. Photo of Hannes Holm

    Hannes Holm Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wiktor Ericsson

    Wiktor Ericsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fredrik Backman

    Fredrik Backman Novel

  4. Photo of Rolf Lassgård

    Rolf Lassgård Cast

  5. Photo of Bahar Pars

    Bahar Pars Cast

  6. Photo of Zozan Akgün

    Zozan Akgün Cast

  7. Photo of Tobias Almborg

    Tobias Almborg Cast

  8. Photo of Viktor Baagøe

    Viktor Baagøe Cast

  9. Photo of Filip Berg

    Filip Berg Cast

  10. Photo of Ida Engvoll

    Ida Engvoll Cast

  11. Photo of Chatarina Larsson

    Chatarina Larsson Cast

  12. Photo of Stefan Gödicke

    Stefan Gödicke Cast

  13. Photo of Klas Wiljergård

    Klas Wiljergård Cast

  14. Photo of Johan Widerberg

    Johan Widerberg Cast

  15. Photo of Börje Lundberg

    Börje Lundberg Cast

  16. Photo of Anna-Lena Bergelin

    Anna-Lena Bergelin Cast

  17. Photo of Nelly Jamarani

    Nelly Jamarani Cast

  18. Photo of Poyan Karimi

    Poyan Karimi Cast

  19. Photo of Simon Edenroth

    Simon Edenroth Cast

  20. Photo of Maia Rung

    Maia Rung Cast

  21. Photo of Jessica Olsson

    Jessica Olsson Cast

  22. Photo of Fredrik Evers

    Fredrik Evers Cast

  23. Photo of Ola Heden

    Ola Heden Cast

  24. Photo of Lasse Carlsson

    Lasse Carlsson Cast

  25. Photo of Göran Hallberg

    Göran Hallberg Cinematography

  26. Photo of Gaute Storaas

    Gaute Storaas Music

  27. Photo of Jan Olof Ågren

    Jan Olof Ågren Production Design

  28. Photo of Annica Bellander Rune

    Annica Bellander Rune Producer

  29. Photo of Niklas Wikstrom Nicastro

    Niklas Wikstrom Nicastro Producer and Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Michael Hjorth

    Michael Hjorth Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Fredrik Morheden

    Fredrik Morheden Editing