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  1. Photo of Claude Klotz

    Claude Klotz Screenplay

  2. Photo of Allan Burns

    Allan Burns Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Roy Hill

    George Roy Hill Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Laurence Olivier

    Laurence Olivier Cast

  5. Photo of Diane Lane

    Diane Lane Cast

  6. Photo of Thelonious Bernard

    Thelonious Bernard Cast

  7. Photo of Arthur Hill

    Arthur Hill Cast

  8. Photo of Sally Kellerman

    Sally Kellerman Cast

  9. Photo of Broderick Crawford

    Broderick Crawford Cast

  10. Photo of David Dukes

    David Dukes Cast

  11. Photo of Andrew Duncan

    Andrew Duncan Cast

  12. Photo of Claudette Sutherland

    Claudette Sutherland Cast

  13. Photo of Graham Fletcher-Cook

    Graham Fletcher-Cook Cast

  14. Photo of Ashby Semple

    Ashby Semple Cast

  15. Photo of Claude Brosset

    Claude Brosset Cast

  16. Photo of Jacques Maury

    Jacques Maury Cast

  17. Photo of Anna Massey

    Anna Massey Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Maloney

    Peter Maloney Cast

  19. Photo of Dominique Lavanant

    Dominique Lavanant Cast

  20. Photo of Mike Marshall

    Mike Marshall Cast

  21. Photo of Michel Bardinet

    Michel Bardinet Cast

  22. Photo of David Gabison

    David Gabison Cast

  23. Photo of Isabel Duby

    Isabel Duby Cast

  24. Photo of Geoffrey Carey

    Geoffrey Carey Cast

  25. Photo of John Pepper

    John Pepper Cast

  26. Photo of Denise Glaser

    Denise Glaser Cast

  27. Photo of Jeanne Herviale

    Jeanne Herviale Cast

  28. Photo of Carlo Lastricati

    Carlo Lastricati Cast

  29. Photo of Judith Mullen

    Judith Mullen Cast

  30. Photo of Philippe Brigaud

    Philippe Brigaud Cast

  31. Photo of Lucienne Legrand

    Lucienne Legrand Cast

  32. Photo of Pierre-William Glenn

    Pierre-William Glenn Cinematography

  33. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  34. Photo of Henry Bumstead

    Henry Bumstead Production Design

  35. Photo of Robert Crawford Jr.

    Robert Crawford Jr. Producer

  36. Photo of Yves Rousset-Rouard

    Yves Rousset-Rouard Producer

  37. Photo of Patrick Kelley

    Patrick Kelley Executive Producer

  38. Photo of William Reynolds

    William Reynolds Editing

  39. Photo of Michel Desrois

    Michel Desrois Sound