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  1. Photo of Laurent Cantet

    Laurent Cantet Director

  2. Photo of Benicio Del Toro

    Benicio Del Toro Director

  3. Photo of Julio Medem

    Julio Medem Director

  4. Photo of Gaspar Noé

    Gaspar Noé Director

  5. Photo of Juan Carlos Tabío

    Juan Carlos Tabío Director

  6. Photo of Pablo Trapero

    Pablo Trapero Director

  7. Photo of Leonardo Padura

    Leonardo Padura Screenplay

  8. Photo of Josh Hutcherson

    Josh Hutcherson Cast

  9. Photo of Daniel Brühl

    Daniel Brühl Cast

  10. Photo of Emir Kusturica

    Emir Kusturica Cast

  11. Photo of Ana de Armas

    Ana de Armas Cast

  12. Photo of Elia Suleiman

    Elia Suleiman Cast and Director

  13. Photo of Jorge Perugorría

    Jorge Perugorría Cast

  14. Photo of Mirta Ibarra

    Mirta Ibarra Cast

  15. Photo of Daisy Granados

    Daisy Granados Cast

  16. Photo of Luis Alberto García

    Luis Alberto García Cast

  17. Photo of Vladimir Cruz

    Vladimir Cruz Cast

  18. Photo of Othello Rensoli

    Othello Rensoli Cast

  19. Photo of Leonardo Benítez

    Leonardo Benítez Cast

  20. Photo of Melvis Santa Estevez

    Melvis Santa Estevez Cast

  21. Photo of Flavio Aquilone

    Flavio Aquilone Voice (Dub)

  22. Photo of Stefano Crescentini

    Stefano Crescentini Voice (Dub)

  23. Photo of Leslie La Penna

    Leslie La Penna Voice (Dub)

  24. Photo of Andrea Lavagnino

    Andrea Lavagnino Voice (Dub)

  25. Photo of Ambrogio Colombo

    Ambrogio Colombo Voice (Dub)

  26. Photo of Barbara De Bortoli

    Barbara De Bortoli Voice (Dub)

  27. Photo of Luigi Ferraro

    Luigi Ferraro Voice (Dub)

  28. Photo of Angela Brusa

    Angela Brusa Voice (Dub)

  29. Photo of Marco Mete

    Marco Mete Voice (Dub)

  30. Photo of Antonella Giannini

    Antonella Giannini Voice (Dub)

  31. Photo of Massimiliano Alto

    Massimiliano Alto Voice (Dub)

  32. Photo of Graziella Polesinanti

    Graziella Polesinanti Voice (Dub)

  33. Photo of Daniel Aranyó

    Daniel Aranyó Cinematography

  34. Photo of Laurent Baudens

    Laurent Baudens Producer

  35. Photo of Didar Domehri

    Didar Domehri Producer

  36. Photo of Alvaro Longoria

    Alvaro Longoria Producer

  37. Photo of Gael Nouaille

    Gael Nouaille Producer

  38. Photo of Fabien Pisani

    Fabien Pisani Producer

  39. Photo of Laura Bickford

    Laura Bickford Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Thomas Fernandez

    Thomas Fernandez Editing

  41. Photo of Véronique Lange

    Véronique Lange Editing

  42. Photo of Alex Rodríguez

    Alex Rodríguez Editing

  43. Photo of Iñaki Diez

    Iñaki Diez Sound

  44. Photo of Sergio González

    Sergio González Sound

  45. Photo of Carlos Schmukler

    Carlos Schmukler Sound

  46. Photo of Eva Valiño

    Eva Valiño Sound