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  1. Photo of Bent Hamer

    Bent Hamer Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ane Dahl Torp

    Ane Dahl Torp Cast

  3. Photo of Laurent Stocker

    Laurent Stocker Cast

  4. Photo of Stein Winge

    Stein Winge Cast

  5. Photo of Hildegun Riise

    Hildegun Riise Cast

  6. Photo of Per Christian Ellefsen

    Per Christian Ellefsen Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Hudson

    Peter Hudson Cast

  8. Photo of Dinara Drukarova

    Dinara Drukarova Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Erickson

    Christian Erickson Cast

  10. Photo of Didier Flamand

    Didier Flamand Cast

  11. Photo of Magne-Håvard Brekke

    Magne-Håvard Brekke Cast

  12. Photo of John Christian Rosenlund

    John Christian Rosenlund Cinematography

  13. Photo of John Erik Kaada

    John Erik Kaada Music

  14. Photo of Astrid Strøm Astrup

    Astrid Strøm Astrup Production Design

  15. Photo of Tim Pannen

    Tim Pannen Production Design

  16. Photo of Alain Guffroy

    Alain Guffroy Production Design

  17. Photo of Catho Bach Christensen

    Catho Bach Christensen Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Anders Refn

    Anders Refn Editing