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Photo of Teresa Sánchez
Photo of Teresa Sánchez

Teresa Sánchez

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    Nicolás Pereda, Lázaro Gabino Rodríguez Mexico, 2019

    Originally commissioned by the Mexican Ministry of Education, Nicolás Pereda and Gabino Rodríguez’s hypnotically mysterious, hybrid object unravels and metamorphoses within the walls of a school. This oneiric journey from light to darkness is a gorgeously abstracted tale of childhood and healing.

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    Nicolás Pereda Mexico, 2012

    Celebrated director Nicolas Pereda reunites familiar actors and themes in this inventive consideration of family dynamics. By repeating scenes with deviations, interviewing the cast mid-narrative, and using different actors for the same role, Pereda strips away plot fodder with invigorating results.


    Nicolás Pereda Mexico, 2015

    This short feature from director Nicolás Pereda is a beautifully dreamy and enchanting work of indolent bohemian languor. Inspired by Last Year at Marienbad, the film sees three individuals in an apartment communicating through sleeping positions and books, creating a wonderful psalm of nostalgia.