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Photo of Sergei Bodrov Jr.
Photo of Sergei Bodrov Jr.

Sergei Bodrov Jr.

He's an actor who, perhaps, is not very talented, but he's quite exact in expressing the expectations of young Russia. He's an ideal type. And that's more important than an actor's skill.

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    Aleksey Balabanov Russia, 1997

    The film that made enfant terrible Aleksey Balabanov’s name, Brother was a domestic smash hit. Almost single-handedly igniting the notion of a homegrown genre cinema, this morally ambiguous gangster movie with a killer soundtrack embodies the mercenary dog-eat-dog spirit of Russia’s “Wild Nineties.”

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    Aleksey Balabanov Russia, 2008

    Set on the cusp of the 1917 revolution, Morphine examines the grisly practicalities of provincial medical care. Based on the autobiographical novels of Mikhail Bulgakov, and written by the late Sergey Bodrov Jr, Aleksey Balabanov’s haunting drama is a descent into a dark night of the Russian soul.


    Aleksey Balabanov Russia, 2000

    Capturing the head-on collision of Russian and American values at the start of a new century, this superlative sequel wryly tackles questions of personal agency and bravado. Interrogating stereotype with Aleksey Balabanov’s savage wit, Brother 2 subversively needles the notion of national identity.


    Aleksey Balabanov Russia, 2002

    Aleksey Balabanov turns his unflinching gaze to the Chechen conflict at the start of the millennium. Hugely controversial on its initial release, War finds Balabanov firmly in genre territory for one of his most complex examinations of post-Soviet Russian identity and its relationship with the west.