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Photo of Ryo Kase
Photo of Ryo Kase

Ryo Kase

“Comedy is tough — I learn more doing comedy than drama, but comedy doesn’t get a lot of attention from critics, unfortunately. For me, though, it’s a plus — I can feed back what I’ve learned from comedy to serious films.”

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    Hong Sang-soo South Korea, 2014

    Relying not only on soju to complicate rifts between romantic interests, this tender comedy from Hong Sang-soo is the director’s most daringly constructed. Led by Japanese star Ryo Kase (Silence), Hill of Freedom is a multilingual and wonderfully jumbled story that is delightfully surprising.

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    Kiyoshi Kurosawa Japan, 2012

    Kiyoshi Kurosawa has no fear of cinema’s many shapes and sizes, and his version of a television miniseries takes full advantage of its possibilities for storytelling. The result is a genre-bending, deeply immersive saga of a crime and a curse that follows four girls’s divergent paths into adulthood.


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