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Photo of Robert Longstreet
Photo of Robert Longstreet

Robert Longstreet

“[The Haunting of Hill House] was the biggest budget project I've ever done, and there was so much pressure, but Mike [Flanagan] was so gentle and warm that even in my biggest pressure moment, even though I was scared, I had the relaxation to get lost in it.”

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    Anja Marquardt United States, 2014

    A terse drama which defiantly rejects the modern conventions besetting American indie films, Anja Marquardt’s debut is a movie of great psychological complexity. A rare look into the world of sexual surrogacy, guided by enveloping cinematography carefully attuned to its characters’ many gestures.

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    John Maringouin United States, 2018

    A Herzogian work of gonzo filmmaking, John Maringouin’s debut fiction feature dives into the absurd world of modern Chinese commerce. Mostly shot in public spaces with handheld cameras, Ghostbox Cowboy is a surreal dark comedy fueled by an untamed performance from indie director David Zellner.


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