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Photo of Reinhold Vorschneider
Photo of Reinhold Vorschneider

Reinhold Vorschneider

'[Benjamin Heisenberg on Reinhold Vorschneider] He has such good notions of how architecture functions and where to place the camera to secure a unique view of this architecture. That's something I find absolutely fascinating about him and where we come together well. Reinhold's way of looking through the lens and the frames he chooses are unique.'

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    Angela Schanelec Germany, 2001

    Tender and enigmatic, Angela Schanelec’s drama reveals a group of friends, family and lovers dispersed yet connected as people yearning for fulfillment. From one of the most important and beguiling, yet under-seen contemporary directors.

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    Angela Schanelec Germany, 2004

    While trying to grasp the mysterious nature of a world ruled by chance with impressive formal precision, Marseille oozes with serene ambiguity revealing the almost ethereal soul of Angela Schanelec’s work. A quietly radical drama that experiments with cinema’s narrative tools to hypnotic effect.


    Angela Schanelec Germany, 2007

    Angela Schanelec’s film generously lets us piece together relationships, family drama and love’s hurt through oblique observation and heart-felt restraint. A sun-drenched snapshot of a subtly distraught summer holiday, shared between lakeside neighbors.


    Angela Schanelec Germany, 1995

    With her I Was at Home, But… helmed as one of last year’s best arthouse movies, we look back at German auteur Angela Schanelec’s first leap into feature filmmaking. An unusual take on desire and its ambiguous nature, this ethereal drama is filled with powerful, skilfully-crafted observation.

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    Angela Schanelec Germany, 2016

    Through Bressonian fragmentation, the Berlin School auteur Angela Schanelec delivers a puzzling, elliptical anti-love story, and keeps challenging our notion of narrative with her radical, quietly masterful filmmaking.


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