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Photo of Raj Kapoor
Photo of Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor

“Our people are gracious and kind. They go to all the trouble to go to a cinema, stand in long queues and procure a ticket. They go through the hustle and bustle, through the blazing sun and the thrashing rain, to see your film, and; as I have always said - if you do not cheat the audience, they are very kind to you. Don't make a fool of them. Do not take them for granted. They may not be as intelligent or as critical as other audiences, but why they have come there, they know: they want to be entertained.”

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    Raj Kapoor India, 1951

    Raj Kapoor’s watershed film belongs to the Golden Age of Hindi cinema, combining multiple genres and serving as a social critique of class in newly independent India. A milestone in introducing global audiences to Bollywood, the film also launched Kapoor’s illustrious Chaplinesque character.

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    Prakash Arora India, 1954

    A story of hope in a cynical world, this emotional drama won the child actor Naaz a Special Jury mention at the Cannes Film Festival. Questioning human values through the struggle story of two siblings, Boot Polish is, at its core, a life-affirming film about the triumph of the human spirit.


    Raj Kapoor India, 1949

    Often listed as one of Hindi cinema’s best soundtracks, Barsaat marks the grand debut of music-director duo Shankar-Jaikishan. A music-filled romance whose beauty lies in its poetic simplicity, this classic holds audiences captive with Nargis and Raj Kapoor’s scintillating chemistry.


    Raj Kapoor India, 1973

    Two refreshing young stars, popular songs, and a hint of socialism in the storyline made Bobby an instant success in the 1970s. Set against the backdrop of a socioeconomic divide, this breezy teenage romance by the showman of Hindi cinema, Raj Kapoor, retains its timeless charm.

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    Hrishikesh Mukherjee India, 1959

    Anari offers a sharp, sarcastic comment on the materialistic world through the story of an idealistic, naïve simpleton who is too honest for the big, bad world. With the music by Shankar Jaikishan and the lyrics by Shailendra, the songs of this film remain popular to date.


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