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Photo of Radium Cheung
Photo of Radium Cheung

Radium Cheung

“Through my decade of gaffering for different DPs, I got to see how vastly different their approaches are. Some DPs are less considerate of actors. They might prioritize on lighting the actors beautifully and take up so space with big soft lights and flags. Your image might be beautiful (artificially so) but you take up half the set. You limit actors, their movement and what they see in their world as they’re acting. I’d always been very conscientious of that and try to do the least possible to disturb the set so they can stay in their world when they perform and don’t feel us being there.”

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    Sean Baker United States, 2012

    Before shooting Tangerine on an iPhone 5, writer-director Sean Baker made this heartfelt mismatched-friends drama. Featuring an impressive, tender performance from actor Dree Hemingway (the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway!), Starlet is a dazzling ode to cross-generational companionship.

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