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Photo of Pelin Esmer
Photo of Pelin Esmer

Pelin Esmer

“It's a very good time to be a filmmaker in Turkey. You do encounter a lot of problems like trying to find funding, but that's a universal problem I think. A lot of good films are currently being made in Turkey. There is a lot of solidarity between directors too. And we are supported by actors who are often prepared to work for little money.”

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    Pelin Esmer Turkey, 2017

    In this award-winning drama, Turkish director Pelin Esmer takes us on a poetic journey into the lives of her characters, who have little in common but a shared sense of life’s struggles. A subtle yet vivid storyteller, Esmer explores our need for human connection and the urge to escape through art.

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    Pelin Esmer Turkey, 2005

    This Tribeca award-winning documentary which Pelin Esmer produced, edited, and directed, is a miracle that reveals the transformative power of art. Esmer profoundly captures the cries of peasant women who drudge through life, crushed by their responsibilities, and who suppress all kinds of emotions.


    Pelin Esmer Turkey, 2002

    From Pelin Esmer, one of the best directors of her generation, comes this eye-opening documentary about the collectionomania of her uncle, Mithat Esmer. While witnessing Mr. Esmer’s endeavor to stop time, we get to know one of the most polite, passionate, and smart people in the world.

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    Pelin Esmer Turkey, 2009

    Pelin Esmer’s uncle Mithat, who appears in her earlier documentary The Collector, is the subject (and star!) of the director’s first fiction film. This nuanced narrative looks at the destruction of culture and the depreciation of objects—from collection items to garbage—across several generations.