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Photo of Olivier Rabourdin
Photo of Olivier Rabourdin

Olivier Rabourdin

“C’est une chose d’avoir un rêve. C’en est un autre de ne pas être déçu quand cela se réalise.”

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    Daouda Coulibaly France, 2016

    Ladji works hard as a bus driver to get his sister out from prostitution. As he doesn’t get the promotion he was expecting, he contacts a drug dealer who owes him a favour. A rapid ascent through the criminal hierarchy gives him easy access to a new luxurious lifestyle. But the price to pay is high.

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    Xavier Beauvois France, 2017

    Xavier Beauvois’ vivid WWI drama is a fiercely compassionate portrayal of the quiet toll of war on the home front. Caroline Champetier’s (Annette) lush cinematography, reminiscent of paintings by Monet and Renoir, imbues the French countryside with a melancholy that pulses beneath the surface.


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