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Photo of Massimo Girotti
Photo of Massimo Girotti

Massimo Girotti

“[On Ossessione (1943)] We realised that the theme of the film was personal liberty, which was a taboo subject at the time. I had very little experience as an actor, so it wasn't easy for me to render the kind of subtlety that Visconti expected. I remember him obliging me to drink real liqueurs, with the result that after many takes I was drunk and we had to shoot the scene the next day.”

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    Mario Bava Italy, 1972

    Mario Bava returns, with Elke Sommer and Joseph Cotten along for the ride! Bava was one of the great visual artists the horror genre has ever seen, and Baron Blood, a modern twist on classical Old Dark House horror, finds his baroque vision in dark, delirious bloom.

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