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Photo of Maryse Alberti
Photo of Maryse Alberti

Maryse Alberti

“I started working as an assistant on low-budget features. But being an assistant on features is boring, it 's all technical and you can't say I like that light or that angle. So I moved very quickly on to documentaries, where it's such a small crew you can light, you can talk to the director, you travel a lot. So when I started to shoot, I Started out in documentaries and now I want to move on to features.”

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    Todd Haynes United States, 1991

    Sundance in the early 90s was a place to be, not just for Tarantino, but for Todd Haynes (Carol), whose debut Poison may be the most shocking film to ever win their top prize—a bold, fiercely intelligent, uniquely stylized take on transgressive desire that few indies today would dare attempt.

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