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Photo of Luca Marinelli
Photo of Luca Marinelli

Luca Marinelli

“Iniziando a non dire di sì a tutto. Non giudico, ma sono convinto che se chi se lo può permettere cominciasse a dire dei no importanti, potremmo cambiare le cose. 'No, questo film non lo faccio perché non mi piace.”

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    Pietro Marcello Italy, 2019

    Pietro Marcello’s widely acclaimed adaptation of Jack London’s novel—ingeniously transplanted to Naples—is cinema at its boldest and most riveting. Luca Marinelli’s enthralling and prizewinning performance propels a film intoxicated by the possibilities of social mobility, love and political change.

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    Claudio Caligari Italy, 2015

    Our favorite arthouse heartthrob Luca Marinelli (Martin Eden) stars opposite Alessandro Borghi in the last film from cult Italian director Claudio Caligari (Toxic Love). Winner of two awards at Venice, this crime drama finds ecstasy and humanity on the gritty streets of Rome.


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