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Photo of László Krasznahorkai
Photo of László Krasznahorkai

László Krasznahorkai

“In daily life – if you are in a bar, and if you drink with somebody – your friend, your acquaintance, an unknown person who speaks, who tells you something – he wants or she wants to tell this something very, very much, because we all have only one sentence, and we are looking for this sentence where we have some power to say something, for one sentence, in one life we have only one sentence and everybody in a bar or in a school or in a university or everywhere, in the street are looking for their own sentence, and this man or this woman doesn't look for a pause, for this artificial, very easily understandable kind of sentence, no, he or she always uses always very, very long, fluent word combinations – this is very fragile, but fluent, you can't cut it...”

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    Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky Hungary, 2011

    Forget the explosions of blockbusters: the most truly apocalyptic vision of the decade comes from Hungarian master Béla Tarr. The Turin Horse, his swan song, is a spiraling journey to the brink of existence, a ferociously evocative masterpiece that is one of the key films of the century thus far.

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