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Photo of Kris Swanberg
Photo of Kris Swanberg

Kris Swanberg

“Joe and I go back and forth with childcare: our son Jude is in daycare three days a week, and we don’t have a nanny. If Joe’s working on something, I’m parenting full time, and vice versa. We’re taking it one step at a time. The month before last, my film premiered in New York, with the full red carpet and press day and party. I was planning on going, and Jude was going to stay with Joe, but then Joe got a TV directing job in LA, so it made sense for Jude to come with me, and I got a baby sitter for the premiere.”

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    Joe Swanberg United States, 2011

    Mumblecore director Joe Swanberg’s Art History is a filmic act of self-reflection, starring Josephine Decker! The enclosed space and suffocating atmosphere of a film shoot allows Swanberg to comment on the troubling and affecting nature of acting in film, and to react against his detractors.

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