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Photo of Kôji Yakusho
Photo of Kôji Yakusho

Kôji Yakusho

“I prepare them with the same passion. It's more at the scenario level that I have to work more. I like to go from a commercial film to an auteur film because in the latter, the author wants to share his universe to a small audience and in the other case, it is for a wider audience. I participate to the maximum in both cases. It's really interesting to alternate.”

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    Kiyoshi Kurosawa Japan, 2008

    If any movie changed the perception that Kiyoshi Kurosawa only excelled at horror films, this is it: a domestic drama—the hallowed realm of Ozu—but reinvented. A prizewinner at Cannes, he scored his biggest hit yet with an unusual blend of redemptive family story, dystopian dread, and deadpan humor.

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