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Photo of Ken Adam
Photo of Ken Adam

Ken Adam

“I like to stylise with reality. I was never quite sure if I wanted to be a theatrical or film designer so I combined the two qualities. I never wanted to imitate reality but to create a form of reality which I thought would be more acceptable to the audience.”

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    Tinto Brass Italy, 1976

    Depraved. Decadent. Damned. Another progenitor of the cult 1970s Italian Nazisploitation genre (alongside Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter) Tinto Brass’s Salon Kitty is a true story transformed into outrageously transgressive erotica. Featuring the legend of European cinema, Helmut Berger.

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    Massimiliano Zanin Italy, 2014

    Massimiliano Zanin’s sympathetic portrait of Tinto Brass is clearly informed by his years collaborating with the great maestro of erotic cinema. This genial documentary traces Tinto’s avant-garde foundations and later mastery of soft-core—with interviews from the likes of Helen Mirren & Franco Nero!

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